Can Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi Connect to Existing Router?

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The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System is designed to replace routers and extenders by creating a comprehensive network that provides excellent coverage in one. While the system includes its router, you may wonder if it can be used with an existing one.

Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi can be used with existing routers, but it is not the recommended use for it. The system is designed to fully replace any routers or extenders that were already in use. This is to ensure streamlined and functional coverage.

If you want to try out the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System but prefer to keep your existing router, read on to see how this combination can work.

Can Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi Connect to Existing Router?

Tenda is a Chinese company that was founded in 1999. As a leading networking device and equipment manufacturer, it provides groundbreaking wireless solutions like the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi Systems.

The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi can connect to existing routers if you want to use one you already have. It is designed primarily to replace them by fulfilling their function and that of range extenders. If necessary, it can use a different router as a node to establish a connection. This requires only a simple setup that can be done in three minutes.

The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi uses Real Mesh technology to provide extensive wireless network technology to properties. There are several versions of the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi available, including the MW6, which can cover up to 6,000ft. The MW6 provides ideal coverage for entire homes.

With the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System, devices can connect to the Nova nodes, and WiFi dead zones are eliminated. This seamless way of connecting wirelessly uses secure WPA-P2K encryption to keep the network safe.

The system uses Beamforming technology and Dual-Band Nova Mesh to ensure the stability and high-speed of the connection. The system can take a maximum connection of 90 devices, and it provides lag-free use for all of them.

The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi can be easily controlled through remote access with the Tenda app. This allows easy supervision of the whole system and includes built-in parental control integration.

How Do I Connect My Tenda Mesh to My Router?

If you have an existing router that you would like to connect to the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi, there are some quick steps to follow. Here is a general guide for how to achieve this connection in as little time as possible:

  • Download the Tenda Mesh app for iOS or Android. It can be found in the App Store or the Play Store, or the QR code on the Tenda website can be easily scanned.
  • Make sure that all cables are removed. There should be no Ethernet cables or the like connected to the existing router. This will help prevent any sort of oversaturation of the network or signal interruption.
  • Access the web portal or combined management app. Open the Wireless Settings and enable bridge access.
  • Reboot the router. The existing router should automatically reboot once bridge access is enabled. If it does not, make sure to manually do it.
  • Connect the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System. Follow the set-up instructions to configure the system correctly.

Following this process will get your Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi to your existing router.

Why You Shouldn’t Connect to an Existing Router?

The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi can be connected to an existing router, but the official recommendation is to avoid doing that. This recommendation is made to avoid the risk of a conflict over the Network Address Translation.

A Network Address Translation conflict involves a fight over the internet traffic between the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi and the existing router. If you still want to connect the Tenda Nova to the existing router, you can avoid this conflict by disabling one of the two devices.

How Many Mesh Nodes Does Tenda Nova Have?

The various types of Teda Nova Mesh three-pack systems have varying numbers of nodes. Here’s an overview of the different types:

  • MW6: 9
  • MW5: 6
  • MW3: 5
  • MW12: 12
  • MW5G: 6

The number of nodes influences the coverage size and the number of devices that can be connected. You have to make sure that the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi has at least one available node that won’t be used if you want to connect it to an existing router.

Will a Tenda Nova Mesh Work with Any Router?

The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi Systems can connect to any existing router. This is not the functionality they are designed for, but they can be used as such if the existing router goes on to be disabled once the gateway device has the bridge mode enabled.


Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi can connect to an existing router, but it is not the ideal way to use a system like this. If you want to use the two like this, you will have to use the existing router as a gateway node and make sure to disable it to ensure that the system works as it should.

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