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Can Spectrum Transfer Services Online?

Last Updated Jul 18, 2022
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Moving is always a hassle. You have to contact movers, get all your services in order, pack everything, and so much more. You want it to be as smooth and easy as possible. One thing that makes this easier is being able to transfer your internet service via online, but is it possible?

Sadly, no. You cannot transfer the services online, but you can do it through their customer support line. They are available to answer your calls between 8am to 10pm ET. They can get you situated right away.

Although this is an easy process, it can be daunting when doing this for the first time. To help you get started on how to transfer your services, continue reading on.

Can Spectrum Transfer Services Online?

No, you are unable to transfer services via online. You have to submit a request by speaking to a representative in their client services department. They have a wide array of business hours, available to you between 8am to 10pm ET. But you are still able to transfer the services.

But there are cases where you cannot transfer services. This occurs when the new location you are transferring the services to are not within one of the areas that Spectrum services. At this point, you would have to cancel the services and sign up with a local provider.

How Do I Transfer My Services

So how do you transfer your services. It is pretty straight forward. Once you have ensured Spectrum offers services to the new location, you can begin the process via phone. Here are the steps to transferring your service:

  • Call the Client Services Department at 888-692-8635.
  • Verify your account with the Representative.
  • Submit a transfer request.
  • Have the address for the new location ready to give to the Representative.
  • Have a date set for when the services should be transferred.
  • Follow any additional steps they may have.
  • Verify the information they inputted is correct.

Sometimes the new location of your resident may require a different router or different equipment. In this case, Spectrum will have you send your old router to them and they will send the new equipment to your new address for your arrival.

Tips Of Transferring

Transferring your service can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are some tips that you should follow when transferring your service:

  • Ensure that Spectrum is available in that location before calling (This will save you a few steps).
  • Ask for a list of everything you need to send Spectrum if you have to return the equipment.
  • Submit a transfer request at least 2 weeks before the move. You can even do it months before the move.
  • Remember to keep receipts or confirmation of your request.

Doing these things will help the transfer run smoothly so you don’t have any unnecessary obstacles. Moving is hectic as is, you don’t want to add onto it.

Is There A Fee For Transferring

Yes, there is a fee when transferring your service. It is $9.99. They will add this charge onto your next bill. You shouldn’t be charged more for the transfer. The Representative should notify you of this fee before you complete your transfer request.

You shouldn’t see any other charges for the transfer. If you do see other odd charges, you will need to call Client Services to discuss what those charges are for.

What If I Want To Transfer The Account?

Sometimes you don’t want to transfer services to a new location, but rather transfer the owner of the account or change the name on the account. You can only do this for the following:

  • Marriage
  • Legal name change
  • Divorce
  • Military
  • Disability of the owner of the account.
  • Death of the account owner.

You cannot give the account to a friend or roommate even if you are moving. You will need to cancel your account and have them create an account with Spectrum.

What To Do If I Need To Cancel The Services?

There will be times that you will need to just cancel the services. This happens when you cannot get Spectrum services at your new location. You don’t need to call to submit a disconnection request but can support a form online.

Ensure you have your account number for when you fill out this form. You can also call them as well. You will need to return your equipment after the cancellation. A representative will call you later on to discuss the steps to completing this process.

Be aware that there may be a termination fee, especially if you are canceling your services before your contract is up. These charges will be reflected on your final statement. 


Transferring is becoming easier and easier for you. With Spectrum expanding, you may find their services at your new home. You don’t have to go without a service that you have grown to love!

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