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Can SimpliSafe Be Used Without Monitoring?

Last Updated Oct 8, 2020
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SimpliSafe smart security systems are well established in the world of home security. Like many of their competitors, SimpliSafe requires an additional monthly service fee to access the full security features and “professional monitoring.” Given this information, I wanted to see if it was possible to use SimpliSafe as a home security system without monitoring.

SimpliSafe systems can be used without monitoring services and, to a limited extent, as a self-monitored local alarm. Though designed to be used with SimpliSafe monitoring services, there are still free options available.

If you’re invested in the SimpliSafe security ecosystem but are looking for ways to avoid their monthly monitoring plans, there are options. Though a contract is not required for their services, I still needed to find out if I could use my system as a self-monitored local alarm and consistently receive adequate security coverage.

What is SimpliSafe Monitoring?

Before getting into the more technical aspects of using your SimpliSafe system without monitoring, it is essential to discuss what is included in their services. This will give a better understanding of how their system can be used as a self-monitored local alarm.

SimpliSafe’s monitoring services provide professional levels of security monitoring, as well as 24/7 monitoring and dispatch. Additionally, they offer 24/7 fire and medical dispatch to make sure you’re protected at all times. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the plans and features available with their monthly monitoring services.

Available Monitoring Plans and Features

Though not required, the SimpliSafe monitoring services add peace of mind and an extensive list of additional monitoring and dispatch services. As a selling point for many (when looking for home security systems), not having this ability would notably hinder your system’s effectiveness.

As a side note, there is a separate subscription available for the SimpliSafe SimpliCam (which is included in the “Interactive Monitoring Plan”). Still, the focus of this section will be on their standard and interactive monitoring plans.

Feature(s)Standard Monitoring PlanInteractive Monitoring Plan
24/7 Monitoring/Dispatch
24/7 Fire Monitoring/Dispatch
24/7 Medical Response Dispatch
Built-in Cellular Connection
Unlimited Camera Recording 
Video Recording 
Visual Alarm Verification with Police Dispatch 
Phone alerts and Family/Friend Alerts 
Private Notifications 
Water Damage Monitoring 
Dangerous Temperature Monitoring 
Data Courtesy of SimpliSafe Support

Given the extensive features provided by the monitoring services, the limits of using the SimpliSafe system without monitoring are especially evident. Primarily the lack of dispatch services would prevent most of the monitoring hardware to function as intended. However, there are still options if you are looking to set up your system with a local monitoring configuration.

Features Still Accessible Without Additional Services

Now that we have a better understanding of the limitations implied by not using the SimpliSafe professional monitoring services, let’s take a closer look at what features are still accessible should you choose to forgo their monitoring.

Local Alarm

If you have the base system and the associated keypad, the alarm will still be triggered by intrusions; however, the police or dispatch service will not be contacted. This means that, although responsible for taking action on the alarm, you will still be alerted to an unauthorized presence.

Motion Detection

Additionally, you still have the option to install SimpliSafe Motion Sensors to monitor your security locally. You will be notified of motion alert triggers, though no further action will be pursued on the end of SimpliSafe.

Why Forgo Monitoring Services?

You may be wondering: why would I want a security system without the ability to have it professionally monitored? In reality, there are numerous scenarios that an individual would like to go this route.

The monthly service cost is perhaps the most prevalent reason why someone would want to self-monitor their security. Though a contract is not required, the standard monitoring plan price point could still be a detractor for many people.

If you live in a remote location where dispatch is potentially delayed, it may be worth it to monitor your system yourself. Additionally, if you live in an urban area, many people would prefer contacting their neighbors for any issues rather than relying on dispatch services, which could be delayed due to numerous factors.

In some areas and jurisdictions, police will not dispatch without a “verified” alarm. In this case, SimpliSafe would need to send private security rather than the police should an alarm be triggered at your home. This may be a deterrent for individuals looking for the highest level of professional monitoring services available.

Theoretically, you could opt for the Standard Plan (which includes 24/7 police monitoring) and still may not receive the same level of security, due to jurisdiction limitations.

In Summary

Though SimpliSafe security systems require an additional monthly service fee to access their professional monitoring, there are still many valid solutions to using their hardware for self-monitoring.

The limitations imposed by opting out of their paid monitoring and dispatch services may be a detractor for some. Still, the ability to self-monitor, even to a limited degree, is enough of a selling point for many.

Although you can still use your SimpliSafe system without professional monitoring, does the same apply if your devices can’t connect to Wi-Fi or power? Find out in this article!

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