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Can Roomba i7 Go Over Thresholds?

Last Updated Oct 10, 2021
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The Roomba i7 is extremely versatile. It seamlessly transitions between wood floors, carpet, and tile. The secret is in its front wheels. They allow the Roomba to quickly adjust to different textures.

Roomba can also go over thresholds. The dividers, however, must be 5/8” or smaller. Additionally, it traverses over some thresholds better than others. For instance, it can go over rounded thresholds better than angular ones. If the Roomba can’t cross the threshold, it’ll free itself.  

Continue reading to learn more about your Roomba i7’s capabilities and optimal cleaning conditions. If you have any questions regarding your device’s operations, read your user manual.

Can the Roomba i7 Go Over Thresholds?

The Roomba i7 can go over rounded thresholds up to 5/8” in height. However, on Amazon, users reported their Roombas crossed thresholds up to ½”.

Roomba i7’s versatility isn’t just limited to your home’s thresholds. For instance, if you have large area rugs, it can also cross these items if the edge of the rug is 5/8” or less.

What to Do if Roomba i7 Gets Stuck on a Threshold

If your Roomba i7 can’t clear a certain area, not a problem; it will simply turn around and clean elsewhere. However, this can be a problem if your Roomba’s Home Base is in another room. Without being able to return to its station, the batteries will die, and you’ll find it where it lost power.

If your Roomba i7 gets stuck on a threshold, this isn’t a problem. Roomba relies on artificial intelligence to map out your home’s layout and clean hard-to-reach areas. When it gets stuck, it will move around until it “unsticks” itself.

Otherwise, you’ll receive an alert via the iRobot app saying that your vacuum is stuck and needs your assistance.

To prevent your Roomba from getting stuck on thresholds in the first place, be very careful of where you place it. If it gets stuck on the threshold, place it as close to the threshold as you can when setting it back down. If you remove the Roomba from the threshold and put it in a different room, this will “confuse” it.

What to Do if Roomba i7 No Longer Crosses Thresholds

Your Roomba will inevitably experience wear and tear the longer you own it. If your device once crossed thresholds seamlessly and now gets stuck or can’t cross it, try these tips:

  • Sand down the threshold’s edges. If your thresholds are wood, you can purchase a sander to round out the edges. The Black + Decker Random Orbit Sander is perfect for this, as it allows you to focus on certain areas.
  • Remove the threshold. Ask yourself: do I really need this threshold here? If not, feel free to remove it.
  • Clean your Roomba’s wheels. Turn your Roomba over and inspect the wheels for dust, pet hair, and dirt. All of these things cause the wheels to lose traction and affect the device’s ability to cross certain areas.
  • Examine your Roomba’s wheels. If one of your Roomba’s wheels is stuck, it will not maintain its previous levels of mobility. Try applying WD-40 to the wheel and see if this works.
  • Clean the “cliff sensors.” Your Roomba is outfitted with sensors all along its edges. If your cliff sensors are dirty, your device will have a hard time crossing thresholds, as well as navigating your house in general. Roomba recommends using a Magic Eraser to clear away any smudges or debris. Do not get it too wet, as this could permanently damage the device.

You can also check out Roomba’s YouTube channel for more information about tightening your device’s wheels. Be mindful that if you do this, you may violate the one-year limited warranty.

Does Roomba i7 Work on Mixed Floors?

The Roomba i7 does work on mixed floors. It users its sensors to adjust itself based on your floor’s material and texture and works with the following floor types:

  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • Vinyl
  • Terracotta
  • Metal

Your Roomba can memorize up to 10 different floor plans. It will adjust its height and speed based on a room’s layout and floor texture.

In Summary

The Roomba i7 should have no problem crossing over thresholds, as long as they are rounded and 5/8” or smaller in height—although some users claim that it can handle taller heights in some instances. This model can also go across various textured floors, including concrete, tile, hardwood, and carpet. If it has problems going over these small elevations, try cleaning the wheels and sensors.

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