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Can Roku Ultra Connect to Bluetooth Speakers?

Last Updated Jul 6, 2022
Watching TV wearing headphones

Many times, it is desirable for us to want to connect our streaming device to an alternative speaker source like Bluetooth speakers or even headphones. However, many streaming devices don’t have this feature.

Roku Ultra allows you to connect to Bluetooth speakers to have an even unique streaming experience. Also, you can connect to Bluetooth headphones to get a private listening experience.

The process that connects Roku Ultra with Bluetooth speakers is a bit complicated, as it isn’t as you would expect. In this piece, we will cover how to do this and look at the few issues you could run into in the process.

Does Roku Ultra Support Bluetooth Speakers?

It is not unusual to want to connect third-party speakers to get a booming sound experience while streaming. While many speakers can be connected to the television directly using a cable, connecting with a streaming device is an entirely different ball game. These devices rarely have a spot for you to connect speakers using cables. For this reason, you have to resort to a wireless connection.

A typical example of a wireless connection you can use to connect a speaker to a streaming device is Bluetooth. Historically, Roku streaming devices didn’t have the Bluetooth connectivity feature, and the only way to connect them to speakers would be by using Roku wireless speakers. However, the Bluetooth feature has been added to flagship devices like the Roku Ultra in the past few years.

The Roku Ultra is one of the few Roku devices that allows you to connect to third-party speakers using Bluetooth. There is also the chance to listen using headphones by plugging them into the Roku remote.

How to Connect Roku Ultra to Bluetooth Speakers

It would be expected that connecting your Roku Ultra would involve just clicking a few buttons on the remote after putting on the speaker, and boom! Connected! This, however, is not so. You need an intermediate medium to connect to Bluetooth. This intermediate medium is the Roku app installed on your smartphone.

While it might sound weird, the Roku Ultra itself doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. Here’s a workaround instead:

  • Download the Roku app on your phone or computer, whether Android, iOS or Windows system.
  • Connect your phone to the Roku through the app if you just downloaded the app.
  • Ensure that both your mobile and the Ultra are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Connect your Bluetooth speakers or headphones to your phone.
  • Select your Roku Ultra in devices and go to remote.
  • Afterward, click on the headgear icon in the app.
  • Select Roku Ultra in the prompt shown.

You can do a few things to disconnect your Ultra from the speakers. You can just disconnect your phone from the speaker or headphones, and the Roku Ultra wíll get disconnected too. However, it is advised that you disconnect from the app itself. This is to prevent any issues from coming up the next time you want to use the feature.

Roku Private Listening with Bluetooth Earphones

Ever wanted to stream while trying to keep the home quiet? This is especially important, say, late at night when you don’t want to pose a disturbance to others. The private listening feature is mostly used by plugging your earphone into the audio jack at the side of your Roku remote. Doing this will divert all audio output to the earphones alone.

This feature is also available with Bluetooth-enabled earphones. You only have to follow the normal process mentioned in the previous section to connect the earphones. The only difference is that you have to select Private Listening after connecting. Once you finish the connection, you will see the headphones icon in the top right corner of your TV.

Issues with Bluetooth Connection and How to Solve Them

A noteworthy issue with connecting Bluetooth speakers or headphones to Roku ultra is the audio not syncing with the video on display. This is often because the sound being sent is going through processing before getting to the speaker or headphones.

To get rid of this, go to the Audio settings of the Ultra and select stereo. This will make the audio unfiltered stereo rather than the edited Dolby Atmos it would normally go through.

Another issue could be the Ultra not connecting to Bluetooth after you’ve followed the correct steps. This is probably a minor bug issue that would be resolved if you just restart your device and go through the steps again.


Although the Roku Ultra doesn’t have a direct means for you to connect it to Bluetooth speakers, there is a workaround for this. You can connect your Roku Ultra to Bluetooth speakers by first connecting the speaker to your mobile and then connecting the mobile to your device.