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Can Ring Alarm Be Used for Business? (Yes, and Here’s Why)

Last Updated Aug 26, 2022
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Ring Alarm devices are a popular way to protect your home from intruders. They allow you to know when someone is entering your home. Since Ring Alarm is one of the most used home security systems, some people wonder if they can also use Ring Alarms to protect their business. 

Ring Alarms are a great option for securing your business. The different size security kits are perfect for customizing your business’s security system. The Ring for Business plan also has constant monitoring and enhanced features to keep your property secure. 

While every business needs a security system of some kind, you might be wondering why Ring Alarm is a good option. We will discuss the details in this article. We will also discuss the different features the alarm has that can protect your business. 

Can I Use the Ring Alarm to Protect My Business? 

Within the last few years, Ring started a program called Ring for Business. It’s a range of different security products that are meant to protect small businesses.  The Alarm is included in these products and is one of the best items you can buy to protect your business. 

Here are just some of the features that make Ring Alarm good for securing your business. 

Different Size Kits 

The Ring Alarm comes in different size kits depending on the size of your business. The kit you buy determines how many contact sensors and motion detectors you will have. All the kits come with a base station and keypad though. 

Larger size kits also come with a range extender to make sure larger businesses also have a complete security system that covers the whole property. 

Add More Components at Anytime 

No matter what size kit you bought, you can add more components like motion detectors whenever you want. This makes it extremely easy to customize your alarm system as your business grows. 

Use with Alexa 

You can control your Ring Alarm with any Amazon Alexa device. All you need to do is give a simple command with no need to look at your phone or go into the app. 

Ring Protect Pro 

You can add a Ring Protect Pro plan to your alarm system. 

It comes with enhanced security measures including:

  • Internet connect backup
  • Smart alerts and responses 
  • Alexa Guard Plus 
  • Video history, saving, and sharing
  • 24/7 professional monitoring 

Now, let’s take a look at why Ring Alarm is good for business.

Why Is Ring Alarm Good for Business? 

There are many alarm options out there, so you might be curious as to why Ring Alarm is one of the best-suited options. Many people choose Ring Alarm for a few key reasons which we have outlined below. 

Easy Installation 

Some people never get security systems for their business because it can take time and money to get a system installed. Ring products are meant to be DIY installed and the Alarm can be installed and set up in less than 30 minutes. 

The Ring Alarm can also be set up and connected to other Ring devices like:

All the devices can be easily integrated with the app. There is no need for a professional to come out and help you with the Ring security system. 

Everything is Controlled in the Ring App 

Unlike other security systems with complicated control systems, the Ring Alarm can be completely set up and controlled in the Ring app. The Ring for a Business feature also allows you to monitor several different locations at one time in the case your business has more than one branch or location. 

You can select new locations in the app and add all the alarms and cameras you have for that location. 

No Need for Additional Features 

Ring has all the features you need to use the alarm and secure your business. You don’t need to worry about getting products from another company. When you have a Ring for Business, you can also use the Key by Amazon. This allows you to unlock and lock all your smart locks from the live view of your Ring Doorbell or Ring Camera. 

Ring for Business also comes with its own 24/7 support system so that you can call and talk to someone anytime there is an issue. 

The Ring Alarm also has 24/7 professional monitoring. When the alarm senses a security issue, a person from their support center will contact you to see if you need an emergency response. If you say yes or don’t answer, emergency responders will be dispatched to your business location immediately. 

Final Thoughts 

The Ring Alarm is handy for any size business because it’s easy to install, easy to control, and has all the features you need. You can also customize it with different size kits, motion detectors, and sensors. Ring Protect Pro and Ring for Business also give your business enhanced protection and monitoring.

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