Can Nest Hello Be Installed Horizontally, Sideways, Or Vertically?


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The Google Nest Hello Doorbell helps you get notified on your smartphone anytime someone comes to your home. This gadget also has the ‘talk and listen’ audio feature, enabling you to interact with your visitors before letting them in. So, can the Nest Hello be installed horizontally, sideways, or vertically?

The best way to install the Nest Hello is to install it vertically. While you can choose to install yours horizontally or sideways, remember that the Nest Hello does not have an auto-rotate option for the video, so your video will show sideways on the app if installed horizontally. 

If you’ve just bought the Nest Hello, you’d like to know more about the proper way to install it and why installing it vertically is best. This article will teach you about all that and how to install it independently if you do not require a technician.

Installation for Nest Hello for Best Viewing Angle

Many people mount their video doorbells horizontally even though most doorbells were originally designed to be installed vertically. The reasons may differ according to people, but the most common is that they already have existing doorbells mounted horizontally with the wiring at the center. As a result, they’ll want their Nest Hello mounted too.

The most ideal way to mount the Nest Hello doorbell is vertically as that fits the framing around most doors, is what people are used to, and allows for the best viewing angles using the Nest app. The Nest app natively displays the video vertically.

Horizontally mounting the Nest Hello is possible but not recommended because video doorbells require that you mount it vertically by default. The video will always show vertically on the app, so horizontally mounting the Nest Hello means it’ll show sideways.

We’ve alsoreviewed the Nest Hello to test out mounting and how great of a product it is!

What Do I Need to Mount my Nest Hello Correctly?

The recommended way to mount your Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell is vertical. In this position, the doorbell can perform optimally, and even if your existing doorbell was mounted horizontally, you could hire the services of technicians to sort out the wiring.

If you want to install your Nest Hello yourself, there are a few things you have to correctly put in place besides having a power drill and a #2 Phillips head screwdriver before proceeding:

  1. An Existing Doorbell: To install a Nest Hello in your house, you’ll have to replace an existing doorbell. If you do not have an existing doorbell, you can rewire your home’s electrical cabling to have a chime, transformer, or doorbell. You can also power the device from an Indoor Power Adapter plugged into a power outlet.
  2. Compatible Doorbell Wiring: The Nest Hello requires wires that can deliver 14 to 30 Volts to power it. Ensure that the voltage of your doorbell is up to that; otherwise, the Nest will not work properly.
  3. Doorbell Chime: Your doorbell must already have a hardwired chime to install the Nest Hello chime. The chime must be compatible with the Nest Hello chime connector. That means that your existing chime must also be able to produce 14 to 30 Volts if the Nest Hello must work.
  4. WiFi Connection: Installing the Nest Hello requires an upload speed of at least 2 Mbps, so you will need a reliable WiFi connection at the location where you want to install the doorbell. 
  5. Compatible Transformer: Your transformer must be capable of supplying 16 to 24 Volts and at least 10 Volt-Amps to be compatible with the Nest Hello doorbell. This transformer can be located in your doorbell chime or any other suitable place.

Using the Nest Hello is also possible without a Google Nest subscription. If you are interested you can find information here.

How To Install the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

As earlier mentioned, installing your Nest Hello horizontally will affect its performance. In this way, you will physically have to rotate your device to see the video, and it will hamper the performance of the motion and heat sensors.

That said, if you want to install the Nest Hello doorbell without employing the services of technicians, here are a few easy steps you can follow to install your Nest Hello Video Doorbell correctly:

  • Install the Google Nest App: Download the app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store and sign in with your Google or Nest account. You can create a Google account on Gmail if you do not have an account yet. Add the doorbell in the app by either scanning the QR code at the back of the doorbell or inputting the code manually.
  • Disconnect Power from Your Existing Doorbell: Follow the steps in the app to correctly disconnect the power in the fuse box before doing anything. Press the bell to confirm it has appropriately been disconnected, then remove the doorbell chime from the wall without touching the wiring. 
  • Install the Nest Connector: You should take a photo of the current wiring after removing the chime. This will help you when installing the Nest connector to ensure you do it properly, placing the wires in the right places and then placing the connector in an area of your choice.
  • Remove the Current Doorbell: Remove the current doorbell from the wall or door frame without concealing the cables. Next, use the power drill to make holes where you want the Nest Hello to be. Ensure that the holes are drilled properly and that the cable hole is located below the center opening of the Nest Hello mounting plate.
  • Install the Google Nest Hello: Ensure this takes a vertical position for proper performance. Fix the cables to the back of the Nest Hello and screw them tight. Place the cabling back in the hole and fix the Nest Hello on the mounting plate.
  • Test It: When this is done, you will hear a click. Next, turn the power fuse back on and connect the Nest Hello to your home network through the app. Finally, you can test when the internet connection is stable by pressing the button. That will automatically notify you on your phone that the process has been successful.

Now you know the correct way to install a Nest Hello.


It is possible to install your Nest Hello horizontally, sideways, or vertically but because they have been designed to be mounted and work better in a vertical position, it is recommended you install it that way. 

For example, suppose your existing doorbell was installed horizontally. In that case, you can have a technician rewire it instead of installing the Nest Hello that way. There are no advantages to installing it horizontally. However, until the manufacturers develop a Nest Hello that can be rotated within the software, installing yours vertically is better.

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