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Can Nest Cam Work Without Internet?

Last Updated Mar 2, 2022
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As with any new device that you’ve bought for your home, you might be wondering if it has offline function capabilities. If you own another Google device such as a thermostat, alarm, or lock, you’re probably well aware that they need WIFI to work properly. Is the Nest Cam the same? 

The Nest Cam cannot work without the internet. Without the internet, the camera won’t be able to detect motion, connect remotely to the mobile app, or monitor the activities around the home. Stable internet connection is required for the Nest Cam to work properly.  

You might be wondering why the Nest Cam needs the internet to work. We will go over this in the article. We will also discuss what to do if your camera can’t connect and troubleshoot tips. We will also mention some other Google products that can work without the internet. 

Can Nest Work Without Internet? 

Nest Cameras cannot work without the internet. If your camera goes offline or your WIFI stops working, your Nest Cam will not be able to:

  • Be controlled remotely from the mobile app
  • Monitor indoor and outdoor activities 
  • Set off the motion sensor 
  • Alert your phone when there is a person, pet, or object around the camera 

Almost all Nest gadgets can’t work without the internet, so it’s no surprise that the Nest Cam also doesn’t work offline. 

If you’d like to learn more about Nest cams, check out this article.

Nest Products That Work Offline

Some Nest gadgets do work offline though:

Knowing when your Nest Cam is offline will help you know when to reconnect. 

Is Nest Camera Offline?

If your Nest Cam is offline it won’t work. It’s important to know when the camera is offline:

  • The app may send you an alert that the camera is offline or has been disconnected. 
  • The app tells you there is WIFI interference or a weak connection
  • The camera’s status might be blinking yellow 
  • There are gaps in the camera’s recording history, and it says the camera was offline or powered off 

Now, let’s take a look at troubleshooting your Nest camera if any of these issues arise.

Troubleshooting Your Offline Nest Camera

If your Nest is Offline, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Turn off the router and then turn it back on
  • Turn the Nest Cam off and back on 
  • Use an app to test your signal strength where the Nest Cam is located 
  • Move the Nest Cam closer to the router 

Now, let’s look at whether or not WIFI cameras work without the internet.

Will WIFI Cameras Work Without Internet? 

This depends on the camera you own. As we discussed throughout the article, you have to have the internet for the Nest Cam. If you are looking to get a WIFI camera that you can use without the internet sometimes, then the Nest Cam might not be for you. 

Most WIFI cameras will not be without the internet. If they do work without the internet, their functions might be limited, and you won’t have access to all the normal features. 

If you want a camera that doesn’t need constant access to the internet, then check into some of the cameras from Reolink and the Arlo GO. These aren’t actually considered WIFI cameras, but they do work without the internet because they are IP cameras. 

Should I Get the Nest Camera Even Though It Needs Internet? 

This depends on if you are willing to allow a portion of your data usage to go towards the camera every month. If you don’t have unlimited data or don’t want the camera to be online all the time, you might want to consider buying a camera that doesn’t need internet. 

There are pros and cons to having a camera without the internet. Take a look at the most important ones below. 

Pros of No Internet Cameras

Here are some pros to cameras that don’t need internet to work:

  • Can’t be hacked. Things not connected to the internet have a hard time being hacked and don’t usually have any digital breaches. 
  • No fees. Web-connected cameras charge fees for cloud and video storage. No internet cameras don’t have these subscription options, so they don’t have fees. 
  • Always on even when the power is off. If you live in an area that has power outages sometimes, your non-internet camera will stay on even with the power off. 
  • Won’t slow down your internet. Since they are not connected to the internet, they won’t take your monthly data or slow your bandwidth when using other devices. 

Now, let’s look at their cons.

Cons on No Internet Cameras 

Here are some cons to cameras that don’t need internet connection to work:

  • Limited Options. Only a few cameras on the market are IP and no internet. You might not have a large selection of good brands. 
  • No push notifications. The camera won’t be connected to your phone, so you won’t receive notifications when there is motion. 
  • No storage. Non-internet cameras can’t store videos for later. This means you won’t be able to go back and view old videos that might be important. 

Now you know everything about whether Nest cams work without the internet.

Final Thoughts 

Nest Cams cannot work without the internet. However, having an internet camera allows you much more accessibility and freedom to record and store videos for later. 

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