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Can Nest Cam Be Mounted Upside Down?

Last Updated Dec 1, 2021
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Google Nest cameras are a great option for anyone looking to add extra security features, either inside or outside of their home. However, the design of your house or other factors may require you to install the camera upside down.

In general, Nest cameras will still work properly if they’re installed upside down. You may have to mount it at a weird angle to get the field of view you want, but you can rotate the video so it displays correctly in the app. However, Nest only offers users the option to rotate the video 180°, so this will not correct the view if you mount your camera sideways.

Below, we’ll discuss which Nest products can and cannot be installed upside down, as well as some techniques for unconventional mounting. Keep reading to learn more.

Can the Nest Outdoor Camera be Installed Upside Down?

You should have no issues mounting your Nest outdoor camera upside down. Some Nest cameras can be turned or twisted by the mount, allowing you to manually adjust the angle so the video feed is right-side-up. If your camera does not twist or turn, you can flip the video angle in your Nest app.

You can rotate your camera in either the Google Home or Nest app. Here’s how to flip the angle in the Google Home app:

  1. Open the Google Home app, then tap the camera you want to adjust on your home screen.
  2. Go to the camera’s settings.
  3. On the Settings page, select “Video,” then scroll to “Rotate Image 180°.”
  4. Toggle the switch to turn the rotation on or off.

If you use the Nest app to view your camera feed, follow the steps below to flip the camera view:

  1. Open your Nest app, then select the camera you’d like to rotate.
  2. Once you’re on the camera’s page, select “Settings” in the top right corner.
  3. Tap “Rotate Image” to flip the camera angle 180°.

Why is Nest Camera Upside Down?

If your Nest camera video feed is upside down, it’s probably due to one of two reasons. The most common cause is that the camera itself is mounted upside down. If it’s not this, there’s a chance that the camera view was rotated in the app.

No matter the cause, you can fix this problem with one solution. Open your app, then rotate the view 180° through your camera’s settings. This will flip the video so that it’s at the correct angle.

Can You Mount Nest Hello Sideways?

Your home’s or doorbell wiring’s design may force you to mount your Nest Hello doorbell sideways. While the doorbell will still work like this, the video will always appear sideways. Since Nest users can only rotate their video 180°, not 90°, there is no way to correct this.

Nest does not fully support side mounting. Because of this, your camera’s motion sensors and facial recognition technology probably will not work correctly with side-mounted cameras. While you’ll still be able to view the video feed, you may not be able to utilize these security features.

Can I Install Ring Stick-Up Cam Upside Down?

Ring Stick-Up cameras are very similar to Google Nest cameras. Just like Nest products, you can install a Ring Stick-Up camera upside down. The video will appear upside down, but you can rotate the video with Ring, as well.

After you mount your Stick-Up camera, check your video feed to see if it’s appearing upside down. If so, follow the steps below to rotate the video:

  1. Open your Ring app, then select the camera you want to rotate.
  2. Go to “Device Settings,” then “Video Settings.”
  3. Under video settings, tap “Rotate Video” to flip the video right-side-up.

If you initially mounted your camera the correct way but need to flip it later on, you’ll have to reset and adjust your motion zones so they still work correctly. Make sure to do this so that you can continue to enjoy all the security features that Ring Stick-Up cameras provide.

Is There an Alternative to Upside Down Mounting?

If there’s a reason that’s preventing you from mounting your Stick-Up camera the correct way, but you don’t want to mount upside down for aesthetic reasons, you can purchase a mounting kit.

This mount features a 360° swivel for flexible positioning. You can flip the camera to any angle you’d like, no matter the design of your home.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, you will have no problems mounting your Google Nest camera or Ring Stick-Up camera upside down. There’s an option to flip the angle in the Google Home, Nest, and Ring apps, meaning you can still see your feed correctly.

However, side mounting is not fully supported by these cameras. While you’ll still be able to view your video feed, it will be sideways because there’s no option to rotate the angle 90°.

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