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Can My Samsung TV Be Wall Mounted?

Last Updated Oct 4, 2021
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When considering ways to improve your home theater system, or simply organizing your living room to make the most of your space, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is the placement of your smart TV. There are many options for optimizing your space without unnecessary pieces of furniture, and one of the best options to do so is to consider a wall mount for your TV.

Samsung TVs are VESA Compliant, meaning they are well suited to wall mounting with a VESA compliant wall mounting system, providing the mount is the correct size for the TV. 

In this article, we will look into the Samsung brand of smart TVs, and their potential in regard to wall mounting options. More specifically, we will be digging into the research on whether the Samsung brand of TVs can be wall mounted, then providing you with some useful information on the types of mounts that can be used. 

VESA Compliance Standards For Wall Mounting TVs

Okay, so we’ve answered our question and we know that the Samsung brand of TVs are suitable for wall mounting. But what does being VESA compliant mean, and what brands of smart TV wall mounts will work with our TV? Let’s find out! 

The VESA Standard refers to the compliance guidelines for LCD, flat screens, and monitors to a wall mount system. At least three thread holes must be defined, meaning that they must be in certain places on both the wall mount and your television to ensure that the wall mount is able to support the weight of your TV or monitor safely. 

Making sure both your TV and your wall mount are VESA standard grants you the ability to mount your TV to the wall, a table or even the ceiling.  Samsung TVs are manufactured to VESA standards, which means it is important to make sure that the mount you purchase is also compliant. Samsung also has a variety of custom made wall mounts specifically designed for the model of TV you own. 

These wall mounts are also manufactured to VESA Compliance Standards and will perfectly match the threads and weight bearing requirements for your Samsung TV. 

Universal Wall Mounting Options

If you purchase a universal wall mount for your Samsung TV, it is crucial to keep VESA Compliance standards in mind. These standards not only make it much easier to navigate the process of wall mounting your TV, they make the process much safer for your home and your family. 

While many universal wall mounting systems are available, you want to make sure that the mounting system you choose is suitable for your Samsung TVs specific needs before you purchase and install them.In this section, we have provided a step-by-step guide for selecting a VESA Compliant wall mount that will work for your model of Samsung TV below: 

  1. Find your VESA Standard: The VESA Standards are determined by their maximum weight limit and diagonal screen measurements. The VESA’s  that are available are:
  • VESA-MS-D: Monitors/Screens up to 14KG, Diagonal 58.3 cm 
  • VESA-MS-E: Monitors/Screens up to 22.7 KG, Diagonal 78.6 cm
  • VESA-MS-F: 113.6, Diagonal 228.6 cm
  1. Find a matching monitor mount. Make sure to measure the length and width of your TV, and to make sure the mount has the same VESA Standards as your TV and load bearing brackets. 
  2. Select your wall brackets. In addition to weight considerations, it is also important to consider the flexibility of your brackets. Consider carefully how you wish the bracket to rotate, swivel, or adjust for height when selecting your brackets. You may also choose a motorized electric bracket system, which will require wiring.  
  3. Check and recheck the location you wish to mount your TV. If mounting to a ceiling or wall, make sure that the surface can bear the weight of your TV safely. 
  4. If your universal mount does not meet your TVs VESA Standard for compliance, you can purchase a VESA adapter. This is an important consideration if your mount deviates even incrementally from your TVs VESA Standard, not only for the protection of your device, but for the safety of your household and your home. 


When it comes to ways to display your Samsung TV, you have many options, but wall mounting is a great choice for excellent visibility while opening up space in your living area or bedrooms. If you follow our step-by-step guide and keep to your TVs VESA Compliance Standards, you will be prepared to mount your Samsung TV with confidence and be well on your way to streaming, gaming, and enjoying all the entertainment your Samsung smart TV has to offer! 

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