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Can Kids Use a Peloton?

Last Updated Feb 1, 2022
peloton bike

You may be looking at purchasing a new Peloton or thinking about gifting one to someone. You may be wondering if your child can use a Peloton Bike for the same workout enjoyment that many customers are experiencing with the Peloton.

The minimum age requirement to use a Peloton is 14 years old. The Peloton Bike can support riders up to 297 lbs and between the heights of 4’11” and 6’5”.

According to Peloton’s website, if you fit those requirements, you can use the bike. Let’s look at some features of the Peloton.

What is the Peloton Bike?

The Peloton offers a workout platform where you can ride a stationary bike during your workout and live stream interactive video with your workout.

The Peloton has on-demand workouts anytime you are ready to get some exercise. Peloton brings the experience of live group workouts to your home with its interactive streaming.

What’s Wrong With Kids Using Peloton?

There are a few things that are wrong for a kid to use a Peloton exercise bike. Let’s explore them below, as well as steps you can take as safety measures.

Not Big Enough

Not only is a child under 14 not big enough to use a Peloton, finding it hard to step up to the pedals and view the screen, but they can also insert their fingers and hands in places they aren’t supposed to be, injuring them.

Falling Hazard

The Peloton Bike is supposed to be locked against a stable surface such as a post or wall in order for it not to fall. Children are not often aware of their surroundings, making the Bike a falling hazard if not properly ridden.

How to Keep Your Child Safe With Peloton

There are a few steps you can take to keep your child safe around your Peloton bike whether you’re using it or not:

  • If your child happens to get up on the pedals of your Peloton Bike, setting the resistance at 100 will ensure no movement can be done by your child, ensuring their safety.
  • Kids are often nosey due to the screen that the Peloton has with video. This screen is removable so it does not attract the kiddos in case they have wandering eyes.
  • You can always lock up your Bike in its own private room so your kids can’t access the Bike when you aren’t there to watch.

If you would like to learn more about Peloton, check out this article.

Safety Procedures for Child Using Peloton

There are some safety procedures to follow if your child is 14 and is going to use the Peloton and is new at it:

  • Ensure you are always there to accompany your child through their workout sessions, not only for safety but for support also.
  • Consider the Tread if the kids are under 14 years old, since it is a treadmill and not a full bicycle, hence safer.
  • Kids can use on-demand services that you as a parent can view and make sure they are appropriate for your child before they view them. Filters are available for language.
  • Instructors and music are recommended on the Peloton, so you can see which instructors and music your child will be likely to enjoy.
  • Always start off your child with beginner classes and not advanced ones so they can get into learning what the Peloton is all about first before jumping ahead too far.
  • Most beginner classes are kid friendly so it’s a good spot to start if considering a young one working out.

Now, let’s break down why Peloton can be a good addition to your child’s workout routines.

Fun For the Family

Most of all, using a Peloton with the family is one of the perks of your child being old enough to use the Bike or Tread. Whole family studio workouts are available for all ages, even under 14 who will not be using the Peloton. They can still join in on the fun.

Here are some exercises you can include your children in on with the Peloton:

  • Family sessions also can include meditations that are available for all ages to participate in. This is handy for family bonding sessions. A Fit Family Fun option calls for a quick 15 minute workout from the whole family, leading to a healthier lifestyle for all.
  • Brain Breaks are available in 5 minute increments that involve storytelling that the whole family can join in on also. Not only will you be working out your physical body, but you’ll be working out mentally as well.
  • Self-love and inner happiness can be achieved for the tweens with the Peloton through yoga and meditative exercises that are streaming. Fit Family Strong is a 20 minute workout for the family that teaches strength and endurance in the workout.

The family class is available for Unlimited Subscription users and Digital App users.


The Peloton Bike can be fun for the whole family, with a bunch of activities that don’t require you actually using the bike, but using the video streaming service of the Peloton.

So if you have children under 14 they still can join in on the fun and be part of the action without having to ride. The restrictions are looser on the Tread than the Bike since it is less burdensome and only involves walking and running.

In general, children under 14 should steer clear of this one for now and let the grown ups ride, while thinking of other activities that the whole family can join in on.