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Can I Watch TV on Echo Show 15?

Last Updated Jul 22, 2022
Echo Show screen

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 is packed with cool features. You can use this device as a mounted frame for pictures and audio broadcasts, such as podcasts and audiobooks, but can you watch TV on Echo Show 15?

There are a variety of TV shows and networks you can view with the Echo Show 15. You can access these programs directly from the home screen or through Alexa. Using the proper navigation, one can easily stream TV shows with Echo Show 15.

The Echo Show 15 is a smart device. Hence, it is only reasonable to expect that it can be used as a streaming medium. Keep reading to learn more about the appealing TV options you have on the Echo Show 15!

Can You Watch TV on Your Echo Show 15?

The Echo Show 15 got its name from its 15.6-inch screen, a dimension that makes it a mini version of flat TV screens. It is on the bigger side compared to other tablets, such as iPads, and offers an excellent broad viewing preference for various TV programs and streaming services.

As a plus, the Echo Show 15 is highly compatible with Amazon Alexa. This gives you the opportunity to navigate a wide range of TV networks using only voice commands.

What Can You Watch on Echo Show 15?

There are a variety of TV networks, channels, and streaming platforms available at your beck and call on the Echo Show 15. However, you should note that most streaming platforms are only accessible through the corresponding Alexa Skills Kit. This programmed feature enables you to create and access different qualities within your Alexa-enabled device.

TV Networks and Channels

The Echo Show 15 offers a variety of shows aired directly from a broadcast company. Some of the available options include:

  • CBS TV
  • FX Channel
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Food Network Channel
  • Home Box Office (HBO)
  • National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

On each of these networks, you can watch news, movies, and TV series of all genres, including animation, health and lifestyle programs, and entertainment shows. Use your Alexa assistant to navigate your options.

Streaming Services

In addition to TV networks, which rely heavily on cable broadcasts, streaming apps and media platforms are available on the Echo Show 15. Some of the options available for download include:

All you need to do is download the app and sign up to start streaming. Likewise, you can use Alexa with voice-activated controls to set up your streaming services.

You can access a variety of shows cutting across education, fashion, entertainment, movies, series, documentaries, and animations. However, you can’t watch the latest news on streaming platforms unless you’ve signed up for a Live TV package.

Can I Watch Live TV On Echo Show 15?

You can watch Live TV on your Echo Show 15 through some streaming services like Tubi TV and the most popular streaming network, Hulu. However, you’ll need to pay for a premium subscription plan to access this feature.

Certain streaming services can only be accessed on the Echo Show 15 through the Amazon Silk Web Browser. Open the browser, then search for your preferred streaming network’s page. Then, you can sign in and watch Live TV, as long as you have the proper subscription. You can do this manually or through Alexa.

How Do I Get Alexa to Navigate TV on Echo Show 15?

You must voice the correct instructions to get Alexa to operate your TV viewing options. You don’t need to set up anything with Alexa Skills, but you can download different Skills if you wish to customize your commands.

There are a variety of commands you can use to play videos with Alexa. These include:

  • “Alexa, go to Channel Guide.”
  • “Alexa, open (app name).”
  • “Alexa, what are your skills?”
  • “Alexa, search for (movie title).”
  • “Alexa, open Silk.”
  • “Alexa, play (video title).”
  • “Alexa, open Video Home.”

This method saves you the trouble of doing the job manually and gives you maximum streaming satisfaction.


The Echo Show 15 offers a vast range of TV privileges. You can watch live reports and stream programs on platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Tubi, and more.

Not only can you access a lot of Amazon technology like the Alexa Skills Kit and Amazon Silk web browser through your Echo Show 15, but you can also utilize multiple media networks at affordable costs.

Because this device doesn’t require a cable box or network wiring, it is the best choice for in-home smart furnishing. You can mount or place your device anywhere in your home, either on the wall or with the mounting stand, to stay connected to your TV at all times.

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