Can I Use The Verizon Jetpack For Home Internet?

Multiple Apple devices running on the same internet.Multiple Apple devices running on the same internet.

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The Verizon Jetpack is Verizon’s mobile hotspot. It acts as an on-the-go WiFi router for any device that can connect to a WiFi internet connection for internet anywhere there is cell service.

You can use the Verizon Jetpack for home internet, but there are limitations. The Verizon Jetpack can only connect devices via WiFi. If you need an ethernet connection, they won’t work.

If you connect too many devices to the Verizon Jetpack, your internet bandwidth will likely slow down. Especially if you are streaming video.

Can I Use the Verizon Jetpack for Home Internet?

You can use the Verizon Jetpack for home internet. Still, Verizon throttles the speed down after a certain data threshold has been reached, even if you have unlimited internet service on them.

You can use the Verizon Jetpack for home internet, but it may not be the most enjoyable experience. If you have no other options, it will work great. However, Verizon throttles the speed after a data threshold has been reached.

Even if you have unlimited internet, after a certain point, Verizon will throttle your speed slower to generate more revenue by selling you chunks of speed after the threshold is met.

What is the Verizon Jetpack Best at With Home Internet?

The Verizon Jetpack is just a cellphone internet connection to which any WiFi-enabled device can connect. The more bandwidth-heavy the device, the less enjoyable the experience.

If you plan on using the Jetpack to stream Netflix at home, you will reach your data threshold quickly. HD video at 1080p is roughly 1-2 gigabytes per hour.

The Verizon Jetpack plan starts throttling your speed after 15 gigabytes have been used. That means you have about 7 hours of TV before Verizon slows your speeds down.

We’ve also figured out if you can and if using a Verizon Jetpack on a smart TV is worth it.

If you have multiple devices, that threshold will only be reached quicker. Home ISPs generally offer at least a few hundred gigabytes for their data caps. 

However, home ISPs usually just charge you for extra data used. They don’t normally slow your internet connection down.

What is the Data Threshold for Verizon Throttling the Jetpack?

The four main plans that Verizon Jetpack uses to determine its data threshold before it starts to throttle down the speed of the Verizon Jetpack’s internet connection.

Typically, the Verizon Jetpack operates at 4G LTE speeds. You are slowed to a 3G 600 Kbps when being throttled. That is barely broadband speeds.

Plan Name:EssentialPlusProPremium
Price Per Month:$20$40$60$80
Data Threshold:15 gigabytes50 gigabytes100 gigabytes150 gigabytes

There is also the option to add more data beyond the Premium’s allotted 150 gigabytes for an additional monthly fee. You can add 5 gigabytes more for $35 more per month.

You can add as many 5 gigabytes of data chunks as you wish, but each is an additional $35 per month. So, 10 gigabytes would be $70, and 50 additional gigabytes would be $350 per month.

It should also be noted that these prices are with a regular Verizon plan. If you don’t have a Verizon plan, then you will need to purchase a pre-paid plan for your Jetpack.

What are the Different Pre-Paid Verizon Jetpack Plans?

The pre-paid plans for the Verizon Jetpack are for users who either don’t already have a Verizon account or don’t wish to have an active one. 

You can purchase three different types of pre-paid plans for your Verizon Jetpack: 

PlanEntry TierMid TierTop Tier
Data Threshold6 gigabytes16 gigabytes30 gigabytes
Price Per Month$35$45$65

You will notice that already established Verizon customers get a discount on their monthly fees and data thresholds. However, it may be cheaper not to have a Verizon account in the long run.

The Verizon Jetpack is still available through the pre-paid plan if you are on a different mobile carrier.

Do I Get Throttled if I Have the Unlimited Plan?

Verizon still throttles the Verizon Jetpack even if you have an unlimited plan. The unlimited just means you won’t be charged extra for going over your data allotment. 

You will still be throttled to less than 3G speeds once you have exceeded the speed threshold Verizon sets, which can be as low as 10 gigabytes in some cases, depending on your plan.

In some instances, legacy users of the Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspot were grandfathered in on a plan that doesn’t allow throttling. Many users have complained this may not be the case.

Some grandfathered users complain they are still being throttled or that connectivity for their devices has become spotty since Verizon started throttling the Jetpack.


You can use a Verizon Jetpack as your home internet. You can connect any Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the Verizon Jetpack and stream the internet.

However, the experience can be frustrating due to Verizon throttling the 4G LTE speeds down to what amounts to speeds that are barely faster than dial-up internet.

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