Can I use Ring Alarm Pro without Eero? Plus Things to be Aware of!

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Does your house already have an alarm system? Are you looking to upgrade it or just see your options for a different or better system?  

The Ring Alarm Pro has Eero built into it, but you can still use your old router and not use the Eero router if you want!

Having an alarm system brings a peace of mind that makes the home feel a little safer and can even make a criminal think twice before coming into your house. Keep reading to find out more about the Ring Alarm Pro and how it works! 

What is The Ring Alarm Pro?

The Ring alarm Pro is one of the newest Ring alarms. It offers your home’s advanced security, including real-time alerts and a built-in Eero wifi router.

This alarm includes all the basic features as the Ring Alarm security kit like:

  • Whole home security
  • Battery back up if the power goes out
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Police response
  • Works with Alexa

There are a few extra features that this system also has, but these are the primary ones.

On top of all the amazing features that the Ring Systems provides, the Ring Alarm Pro has the built-in Eero wifi router with up to 1500 square foot coverage.

There is also 24/7 backup internet, expandable backup power, and local video storage. 

The Alarm Pro security kit costs about $300, and the kit includes the base station, keypad, some door and window alarms, motion detectors, and an alarm range extender.

Along with this cost, you can add extras to the kit if you would want more motion detectors or door and window sensors. The ring subscription also has a monthly cost of about $20 a month or $200 a year

Ring Alarm Pro Without Eero

The Ring Alarm Pro has a built-in router in the base station. This wifi router is a Eero router. But what happens if you already have a router that you do not want to replace?

There are a couple of options if you are someone who wants to continue to use their own router. These options are creating a second wifi network or putting Eero Router in bridge mode.

Both of these options would require the Alarm Pro to be connected to your original router via an ethernet cable.

Option 1: Second Network

The option of making a second network is also known as Double NAT -ing; this option allows you to use your original WIFI router while adding the Eero router as well.

Adding a second network allows your original router to be used but also allows you to get all the benefits the alarm pro offers.

One benefit of the double network options is that you do not have to replace your old router, and the devices connected can stay connected.

You get the option to select what devices are hooked up to the Eero, so the ones with the most important information are backed up. Additionally, you get the added protection that Eero provides to the devices connected.

A con of the double network is you will have to keep track of 2 different routers, which may include 2 different apps, passwords, and connection issues.

The last biggest con is there could be connection interference since the networks are close together.

Option 2: Bridge Mode

The option of putting the Alarm Pro into bridge mode allows your original router to be the power source for all the Wifi. This option will take away some of the benefits of the Alarm pro due to not using the Eero router in any way.

Some of these options would be 24/7 internet backup as well as data backup. But you would still have access to the Ring Edge for local videos.

The biggest benefit of putting the Alarm Pro in bridge mode is you get to stick with your original router and do not have to worry about having 2 different routers or wifi networks.

The original wifi router controls the whole network, and the Alarm Pro can extend the Wifis connection further. This option can save money too, as you would not have to purchase more eero extenders.

There are still some cons that happen with this option as well. A big con is the loss of a lot of the Alarm Pro benefits. Some of these benefits that are lost are 24/7 internet backup as well as data backup.

In Conclusion

The Ring Alarm Pro can provide great home security and wifi security if you want it to! There are a couple of options if using your old router is more important than using the Eero router that is included.

There is a start-up cost to buy the security system and a slight monthly or yearly cost, but the Ring Alarm pro system can keep your home safe.

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