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Can I Use My Laptop to Watch My Dog?

Last Updated Jun 4, 2022

With pets, dogs are man’s best friend. Anyone who owns a dog knows the love and affection their dog gives them. As a pet owner, you want to check in on your furry friend, just like they do when you’re home. Using a laptop webcam might be one thing dog owners might want to use for watching their dog.

As a general rule, you can not watch your dog with a laptop without downloading special software. This is because laptop webcams aren’t made with pre-downloaded software to access the webcam remotely.

While it is disappointing to find out you can’t use a laptop webcam to watch your dog, it is comforting to know there are programs you can install to do this. Continue reading to find out more.

What Can I Use to Watch My Dog?

While you can’t use just your laptop to watch your dog when you’re at work or on vacation, you can use webcams or external security devices to do so. We have listed the best security cameras/webcams you’re able to pair with your laptop to watch your dog remotely.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Now that you know you will need a program installed on your laptop to watch your dog, the next thing is finding the best program to do this. With each program having different requirements and unique abilities, it’s hard to find the best one. The Alfred Home Security Camera program is one that some people like. But is it a good program to use for watching a dog?

As a whole, the Alfred Home Security Camera is a good program to use. It allows for motion detection of your dog when they are near the camera. However, it requires the laptop screen to be always on and can only work using the Google Chrome web browser. 

Having to go download additional programs and always leaving the laptop on can be troublesome. However, there are other options for dog owners to monitor their furry friends. Continue reading for other options to watch your dog remotely.

Wyze Home Security Camera

Sometimes using a laptop webcam isn’t a sensible solution to watching your furry little friend. Laptop webcams are reliant on additional programs and only have one camera that you can use to watch your dog. However, using a Wyze home security camera set-up can give dog owners more options with watching their dog. But is it a good choice for watching your dog?

As a whole, the Wyze home security camera is a good option for watching your dog. However, the best features require a monthly subscription to have access to. But you can remotely view the Wyze camera from your phone with the Wyze app, with or without a subscription.

With the Wyze camera system needing a subscription for some of the best features, one might want to look into a different camera for their needs. Continue reading on for another camera option to watch your dog.

Blink Mini

While the Wyze can offer people a good option to watch their dog, it doesn’t allow for the best feature without having a paid subscription. With people looking for the best way to monitor their dog at home, they require the best camera with the best options. So is the Blink Mini a good choice for remotely monitoring your furry friend?

For the most part, the Blink Mini camera is a good choice to check in on your dog. However, it does not allow for continuous viewing beyond 30 seconds while using the live view. That means the camera is best suited for occasionally checking in on your dog.

This makes the Blink Mini best suited for occasionally checking in on your dog. However, if you want a camera that can do more for your dog while you are away, continue reading on.

Owlet Home

Sometimes dog owners want more from a camera that just remotely monitors their furry friend. They desire a camera that can also give their dog treats when they have been good during the day. With the Owlet Home camera, can it give your dog treats remotely like you are monitoring them?

As a whole, the Owlet Home can monitor your dog while giving them a treat. All that is required is to download the app onto your phone to allow for this feature to be used. It also is compatible with Alexa, has motion sensors, and has a two-way talk feature without a need for a subscription.

This makes the Owlet Home a great option for dog owners that want to monitor their pet while away from home.


The Owlet Home does everything a dog owner could want from a camera to monitor their pet. While other cameras have limited features, or require monthly subscriptions, the Owlet Home is an all-in-one option for dog owners everywhere.

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