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Can I Use Chamberlain MyQ with Liftmaster?

Last Updated Oct 10, 2022
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Smart homes allow you to take control of your home even when you aren’t there. Now, smart garage door openers allow you even more control. With MyQ, you can monitor and control your garage even when you aren’t at home. But, to use MyQ, you need a compatible garage door opener. Can you use Chamberlain myQ with Liftmaster? 

Generally, most Liftmaster garage door openers will be compatible with Chamberlain MyQ as long as they were manufactured after 1993. Older openers made before this year will not be compatible with the system.

Below, we’ll discuss more about the compatibility between MyQ and Liftmaster. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Can I Use Chamberlain MyQ with Liftmaster? 

A smart garage door opening system is a big asset to any home. 

It makes it a lot easier to open and control your garage door, and you can even monitor the doors when you aren’t at home. 

This is where Chamberlain MyQ comes into play. And luckily for Liftmaster users, the two brands work very well together. 

As long as your Liftmaster garage door opener was made after 1993, you should have no problem pairing it with MyQ.In addition to Liftmaster, Chamberlain MyQ is compatible with almost all garage door openers manufactured after 1993. 

This gives customers who would like to add MyQ to their homes a lot of options when pairing their existing garage door setup with this product. 

Which Liftmaster Openers are Compatible with MyQ?

Almost all Liftmaster garage door openers are compatible with the smart MyQ system.

However, a very limited number of Liftmaster garage door openers do not pair well with MyQ. 

You can be sure that your opener will combine well with MyQ if it has any of the following colored learn buttons: 

  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange

You can combine these colored openers with the MyQ system.

If you have a Liftmaster opener with a yellow or purple learn button, it may or may not be compatible with MyQ. 

If your yellow or purple opener came with a garage door that holds its photoelectric sensor near the bottom, it will not be compatible.

This is because the sensor will turn off when the garage door is closed.

In addition, your yellow opener will not be compatible with MyQ if it was manufactured before 1993 or between 2010 and 2021.

In addition to Liftmaster, many other garage door opener brands pair well with the MyQ system. 

To learn whether your opener is compatible, visit the MyQ website and find their compatibility tool. Enter your garage door opener’s information. Then the website will tell you whether or not the two are compatible.

What’s the Difference Between Chamberlain and Liftmaster?

There is a good reason that it is so easy for Liftmaster to work with Chamberlain myQ products — both brands are made by the Chamberlain Group. 

Since Liftmaster and MyQ have the same parent company, almost all Liftmaster openers are compatible with the smart system. 

These two brands can interchange their motor parts and accessories and are very mechanically similar. 

The only difference is that Chamberlain and Liftmaster were developed with different types of consumers in mind. 

Although Chamberlain makes their own garage door openers, Liftmaster is not necessarily seen as a competitor. Instead, they are considered brands that can work together to give you a great experience and everything you need in a garage door opener. 

What Are Chamberlain Openers Best for?

Chamberlain garage door openers are generally made for smaller garage doors. 

They still come with some of the best features and modern technology, but they have a simpler design. 

These garage door openers have some parts that are made from strong plastic.

This material is strong enough for the garage doors they are built for and helps reduce manufacturing costs. 

This ensures Chamberlain can keep the retail price low, making these openers less expensive than Liftmaster openers. 

What Are Liftmaster Openers Best for?

While Chamberlain openers are good for smaller doors, Liftmaster openers were created as a stronger option for larger garage doors. 

If your garage door is seven feet or taller, it’s generally recommended that you choose a Liftmaster opener over a Chamberlain opener. 

This is because Liftmaster openers have the extra power you need for such a big door.

These openers are slightly more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Using Chamberlain MyQ with Liftmaster 

Chamberlain MyQ and Liftmaster are a match made in garage door heaven. 

Part of the reason Liftmaster openers work so well with MyQ products is that they’re both manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. 

Whatever brand of garage door opener you use, as long as it was made after 1993, there’s a good chance it’s compatible with the MyQ system.

To verify that your opener is compatible, visit the MyQ website and use their free compatibility tool. 

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