Can I Use an AT&T WiFi Extender with Xfinity?

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While you get an excellent WiFi signal in some areas of your home, others leave something to be desired. You may consider using a WiFi extender if you struggle to get a good signal in certain areas of your home. But, can you use an AT&T WiFi extender with Xfinity internet?

Xfinity cannot connect to AT&T WiFi Extenders. This is because AT&T WiFi Extenders are built to only support AT&T gateways. However, a couple of AT&T-compatible WiFi extenders are also compatible with Xfinity.

Get rid of weak signal spots in your home by connecting a WiFi extender to your Xfinity service. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Can I Use an AT&T WiFi Extender with Xfinity Internet?

The primary purpose of a WiFi extender is to strengthen the network coverage in your home. While areas and rooms near the router usually offer a strong signal, areas further away from the router could have a very weak or nonexistent signal. Using a WiFi extender will extend your internet coverage to these weaker areas.

Currently, no AT&T brand WiFi extenders will work with Xfinity. Even Xfinity doesn’t encourage users to try this connection. Instead, you can opt for Xfinity’s WiFi extender, the xFi Pod, or third-party WiFi extenders.

What WiFi Extenders Are Compatible with Xfinity Internet?

While a WiFi extender manufactured by AT&T will not work with Xfinity Internet, there are some third-party devices that are compatible with both internet service providers. So, there is a chance you will still be able to use the WiFi extender you were using with AT&T for Xfinity. Some universal options include:

With any of these WiFi extenders, you can uninterruptedly browse the net with Xfinity.

How Can You Connect a WiFi Extender to Xfinity?

Connecting a WiFi extender to your Xfinity router is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to find a location in your home where you want to extend signal strength. While this shouldn’t necessarily be near the router, it should still be in an area that gets a decent signal.

If the signal your extender receives from the router is too weak, it will not provide decent performance. After choosing the best place for your WiFi extender, you can begin setting up the connection.

  • Turn on the WiFi extender and wait until the power button glows white and the other LEDs blink.
  • On your Xfinity router, find and enable WPS. If you cannot find this button, check your manual to find the exact location.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the router for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Find the WPS button on your WiFi extender and press the button for two seconds.
  • Wait a minute for the router and WiFi extender to pair.

Once the 5GHz light stops blinking, the pairing is complete. If this doesn’t happen, start the process again. After your WiFi extender connects to Xfinity, it will automatically download its network name, or SSID, and password from the network server.

What if My Router Won’t Connect to the WiFi Extender?

As you know, it’s not always easy to connect two devices. If you’re facing any issues connecting your Xfinity router to your WiFi extender, try the troubleshooting tips listed below and see if you can work out a fix.

  • Double-check the product listing or manual to make sure the WiFi extender you’re trying to use is compatible with Xfinity.
  • Move the WiFi extender closer to your router to get a better signal.
  • Try to reconnect the devices following the steps above.
  • Restart your WiFi extender and router. Unplug both, wait a few minutes, then plug them back into the power outlet.
  • Reset the router by pressing the power button for three seconds. Turn it back on after 10 minutes.
  • Refer to the WiFi extender’s user manual to see if there are any details you overlooked during setup.

If you’re still having problems after trying all of the above tips, contact Xfinity customer service or the company that manufactured your WiFi extender to see if they can offer additional assistance.

In Conclusion

WiFi extenders boost the WiFi signal in your home, delivering a better connection in areas far away from the router. While Xfinity is not compatible with WiFi extenders manufactured by AT&T, it can still work with WiFi extenders that are compatible with both Xfinity and AT&T technology.

With the steps listed above, you can connect the devices easily. If you need more help with the setup process, contact Xfinity customer service or the manufacturer who created the WiFi extender you’re using.

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