Can I Use ADT Sensors with Ring?

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Smart home innovations are continuing to grow, and most home security and surveillance systems are jumping onboard. ADT Pulse is no exception, using a Z-wave mesh network to communicate with many third-party devices. So, where does that leave Amazon’s Ring?

Although both ADT Pulse and Ring systems utilize Z-wave protocols, you cannot use ADT sensors with Ring despite a few odd exceptions. ADT Pulse is not compatible with Ring at this time.

If both systems use Z-wave, and both are wireless, why are they not compatible? The answers are generally vague, and although there are some workarounds, connecting the Ring to ADT Pulse would complicate the nature of your home security system by adding multiple apps to keep track of.

ADT and Ring Compatibility

Some Ring devices will pair with an ADT Pulse security system. The Ring Doorbell will pair like other, accepted third-party devices but will not show up in the ADT Command and Control smart pad.

 If someone shows up at your door, you will be notified through your Ring app—not through ADT—even though the devices are successfully paired. This is one example of the devices recognizing each other but complicating your home security set up.

There are video tutorials on YouTube that advertise collaboration between Ring and ADT through the Ring Doorbell. However, these videos are old, and with ADT entering the market with its own security doorbell, these instructional videos have become obsolete.

Why Does ADT No Longer Support Ring?

There’s no real, distinct answer, as both technologies operate with Z-wave mesh networks and should be easily compatible for pairing. As of right now, it seems likely that it is a business and competition decision.

ADT requires a substantial, three-year subscription and a professional home installation service. The lowest tier package starts at $36.99/month and is locked in at 36 months.

Amazon’s $1 billion acquisition of Ring allows for more customer choice. Ring devices—and supported third-party equipment—can be purchased individually and do not need professional installation. A DIY setup negates the need for a costly, professional installation.

Because of these factors, there doesn’t seem to be any reconciliation in supported devices between Ring and ADT. Before Amazon’s purchase of Ring, the doorbell was supported by ADT Pulse. As recent as last year, ADT’s website states that this is no longer the case.

Using the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit with ADT

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re bound and determined to fuse ADT tech with Ring tech, Ring has a retrofit alarm kit for this specific purpose. However, it requires substantial technical expertise and is considered an advanced DIY project.

In addition to the alarm kit, you will have to purchase a Ring Alarm Base Station, as the kit itself is designed for connecting existing wired systems and is not a substitute for an alarm itself. Keep in mind, this retrofit will not tie ADT sensors and Ring equipment into one, easily-accessible smart-hub or phone app.

The Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit only ties in wired, existing sensors. ADT Pulse wouldn’t be applicable. The instructions are extensive, and a professional installation is highly recommended.

Third-Party Devices That Work with ADT

Despite the lack of support for the Ring, ADT Pulse will operate with several third-party devices:

  • Amazon Alexa: Amazon’s lineup of Echo devices can be used to voice-operate your home security system
  • Kwikset SmartCode 955: Most Kwikset smart locks, like the Kwikset SmartCode 955, are also compatible
  • Google Assistant: Similar to Amazon Alexa as a smart hub to voice-operate your home security system
  • GE Enbrighten: ADT supports most GE smart lights

There are many smart devices that are supported by ADT Pulse, including most Alexa devices. However, the ADT Command Smart Pad is required for pairing any of these third-party devices.

Third-Party Devices that Work with Ring

Dome, General Electric, Leviton, EcoLink, and First Alert are manufacturers that produce devices supported by Ring. In fact, many of the devices supported by ADT are also compatible with Ring.

Also, Ring has a subset list of manufacturers—Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale—that produce Ring-supported smart locks. Like ADT’s Command Smart Pad (Pulse), third-party devices have to pair with the Ring Alarm Base Station.

Final Thoughts

Despite the rift between supported devices between Ring and ADT, there are still plenty of third-party options compatible with one or both. The great thing about Z-wave and smart-home manufacturers is the nearly limitless choices for consumers.

Kwikset, Schlage, Leviton, General Electric, and many others continually advance and produce new smart-home additions to their lineups. Many of these devices are supported by ADT and Ring.

Until there is a change in supported, third-party devices, ADT and Ring sensors will have to be integrated with other wireless products. And that still leaves a whole host of DIY, home security solutions for consumers.

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