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Can I Switch My Fire Cube to Another TV?

Last Updated Dec 11, 2021
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If you have an Amazon Fire Cube, you might be interested in using your Fire Cube with more than one television in your home. This is especially true if you’re trying to incorporate the Fire Cube as a hub for directing the electronic functions of your smart home. 

Unfortunately, a single Fire Cube can’t be used on multiple televisions at the same time. Each television in the household has to have its own Fire Cube unit since Alexa will direct each Fire Cubes individually to control the separate devices and the televisions they’re connected to. 

Fire Cubes can be a useful way to get smart home access over your entertainment centers. However, you’ll need to plan on buying more than one if you want to control more than one television with them. Keep reading to learn more about using multiple Fire Cubes and why you need more than one for multiple televisions. 

Does Fire TV Cube Work on Any TV?

Fire Cubes operate on multidimensional infrared emitters, which means they’re compatible with most modern television models. The Fire Cube is connected to the television through an HDMI cable, so as long as your television has an HDMI port, you should be able to use your Fire Cube with it. 

Do You Need a Fire Cube for Each TV?

If you plan on using Fire Cubes to control the televisions in your smart home, you’ll need a Fire Cube for each TV you plan to control. This is because the IR emitter for each Fire Cube is set to each individual television. 

Can the Fire Cube Change TV Inputs?

Even though multiple Fire Cubes can’t be used with one television, and you’ll need a Fire Cube for each television you plan to control, you can change TV inputs on your televisions using the Fire Cube’s voice commands or the remote. 

While this capability wasn’t included as a stock option with the original Fire Cube, the second-generation Fire Cube includes this function as part of the software update. This update makes it much easier to control the Fire Cube since it allows Alexa to swap inputs to the Fire Cube automatically whenever activated. 

Fire TV Cube Won’t Change Inputs

If you run into an issue where your Fire Cube won’t change inputs on a single television, you can use a few different methods to troubleshoot the problem. Follow this procedure to see if you can get your inputs swapped using the Fire Cube: 

  • Check the Fire Cube for updates. Sometimes when you have difficulty getting the Fire TV Cube to change inputs, it results from a missing software update. Once the Fire Cube has been updated, the problem often resolves itself. Check for any available OS updates for a quick fix on a Fire Cube that won’t connect for an input swap.
  • Check the TV for firmware updates. The issue with the lack of connectivity may lie with the television rather than the Fire Cube. Check the television for updates too to eliminate it as a possible cause for the Fire Cube not changing inputs.
  • Enable HDMI-C switching on the Fire Cube. Check the settings under equipment management on the Fire Cube and ensure that the HDMI-C switching function is toggled on.
  • Make sure your TV supports external device HDMI switching. Even though the Fire Cube supports input swapping, some TV models may not have the capability to allow for it. Check with your television’s manufacturer to see if it supports external HDMI swaps.
  • Shut the Fire Cube and TV completely down, then restart them. This should wipe any leftover data in either device and let them restart from a safe state. This can help resolve any software conflicts or residual data between the Fire Cube and the TV that is preventing the input swap. 

Addressing one of these issues is usually enough to get a Fire Cube swapping inputs again. In many cases, it’s a temporary software glitch that can be resolved by resetting the system. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might have a TV that doesn’t permit external HDMI swapping. 

Do You Need Multiple Fire Cubes? 

You only need multiple Fire Cubes if you’re planning on controlling multiple televisions in your home. Otherwise, you can use other Alexa-enabled products such as the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Dot to control Alexa functions in other parts of the house. 

Can You Have Multiple Fire Cubes in the Same House? 

You can have multiple Fire Cubes in the same house if you want to control multiple televisions with Fire TV. However, you’ll need a separate Fire Cube for every television you plan to control, and it needs to be connected directly to the TV. 

Fire Cubes Are Useful for Controlling Your Televisions

Even though it’s a little inconvenient to have to buy a Fire Cube for each television you want to control with Fire TV, the Fire Cube is still a useful device for using voice commands on your television instead of a traditional controller. As long as you have a Fire Cube connected to all of your televisions, you can use Fire TV on all of them.