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Can I See Reels I’ve Liked on Instagram?

Last Updated Oct 20, 2022
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Reels are Instagram’s latest feature. Liking Reels is a great way to show appreciation, but can you find them again once you have tapped on the heart?

As a general rule, you can see Reels you’ve liked on Instagram, but only if you also saved them at the same time. To check your saved Reels, you will have to know how to find them in your account settings.

Reels are a great way to enjoy the many content creators on Instagram. If you want to see the Reels you’ve liked, check out this guide to access this part of Instagram whenever you wish.

Can I See Reels I’ve Liked on Instagram?

Instagram added the Reels function in 2020, inspired by the success of short clips on TikTok.

The platform also made its algorithm favor Reels above most other content, encouraging users to use and interact with this function even more, especially through likes.

In addition to seeing Reels you’ve liked, these Reels will contribute to the suggestions you see in your search and Reels tabs.

You will also be able to save Reels you’ve liked, and that is how you will be able to access them when you wish to watch them again.

Liking Reels doesn’t automatically save them, so you will either have to remember who posted them or access your saves.

Finding your saved content on Instagram may not seem straightforward, but we are here to simplify the process for you.

How to See Reels I’ve Liked on Instagram

The first step to seeing Reels you’ve liked on Instagram is to save them when you like them. To do this from your smartphone or other device, you will have to tap on the bookmark icon under the like and comment options.

You can then select the option to save it to a specific collection.

Once you’ve saved your liked reel, you will be able to see it whenever you want to enjoy it again.

There are a few steps to follow when you want to see the Reels you’ve liked on Instagram, but once you are aware of what these are, you will easily find your saved content.

Go to Your Profile

Once you launch the Instagram app, you will have to go to your profile page to find the Reels you’ve liked.

You can easily access your profile page from the Instagram home screen by tapping on your user icon on the bottom right.

This will lead you to your profile page, where you can tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

From here, a menu will open where you can find your settings, your activity, your archive, and your saved items.

Click on Saved

Tap on Saved, which will open up a new menu where you will see all your collections. When you like a reel and save it, this is where you will be able to find it after the fact.

It may not seem like the most intuitive place to find them, but once you know where you are, you can have easy access at any time.

Go to a Collection or All Posts

Once you’ve opened your saved items, there are several ways to find your liked Reels.

You can open the All Posts option, which will show you everything you saved throughout your Instagram journey.

If you saved your reel to a specific collection when you liked it, then you should tap on that collection. You will be able to see your liked Reels there when you wish.

Check Your Saved Reels Tab

When you go into the All Posts in your Saved menu, you don’t have to go through every single item you ever saved to see your liked Reels.

You can click on the Reels tab in this section, where it will filter out every other type of post you’ve saved.

This will allow you to see every single reel you liked and saved, which can provide you with hours of entertainment at any time.

Try Out the Alternative Route

There is another way to find your liked Reels on Instagram if you saved them.

This option has some of the same steps, but if, for some reason or another, the other way does not work, this is a great alternative.

Follow the above steps to access your profile page and the menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines.

Once there, click on Settings, then on Account. You will see several options there, including personal information, close friends settings, language, and captions.

You will also see a Saved tab, which, when clicked, will lead you to the same page with all your collections and the all-posts option.


You can see Reels you’ve liked on Instagram, but liking them is not enough to archive them. You will also need to save them at the same time, which will then log them under your saved posts or in a specific collection