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Can I Run A Test Page On My HP Deskjet Printer?

Last Updated Jun 2, 2022

It can be extremely exciting when you become the owner of a brand new HP Deskjet printer. Not only can you print to your heart’s content, but you can print documents and photographs to keep for your albums. Before printing these photos and pages, it is important to test the print quality. This leads one to ask, can I run a test page on my HP Deskjet printer?

You can run a test page on your HP Deskjet printer. This can be done when you replace the ink in your HP Deskjet printer. It can also be done by going to the settings and manually requesting the test page be printed due to diagnostics or troubleshooting.

Running a test page is important to ensure your printer is properly printing and does not have an underlying issue with its hardware or software. It is also a great way to determine how much ink is left in the printer or if the printer needs to be cleaned. Keep reading to learn how to run a test page, why you may want to run a test page and some more troubleshooting tips.

How to Run a Test Page

HP Deskjet printers make running a test page fast and easy. This means that you can check the print quality before you go to imprint important invitations, documents, or photos. If you do not check the quality, you may be in for a sad surprise when you get the results. Follow these steps to run a test page:

  1. Open the HP Smart App
  2. Find your printer and select it
  3. Go to Printer Reports and select it
  4. If you do not see this prompt, select Tools instead, and then printer reports
  5. Click Print Quality Diagnostics
  6. Select print

The printer will now begin running the printer diagnostics page that you choose. The quality diagnostics page is not the only option that HP has available. If the printer is malfunctioning, then you can print a diagnostics report for the printer’s hardware and software. This is convenient because these options are all in one place on the HP Smart app.

Reasons to Print a Test Page

There are many reasons to print a test page off of your HP Deskjet printer before using it. Some of these reasons are more obvious than others. If you have wondered why a test page is so important, look no further; we have the reasons ready for you.

Brand New Printer

One of the main reasons you should print test pages is that the HP Deskjet printer you have is brand new. If you have just installed it onto your computer or mobile device, then it is time to print some test pages. This ensures that the device is working properly and alerts the consumer to any issues or adjustments that may need to be made before printing.

Check Alignment

Sometimes the ink cartridges can sit funny in the printer. This means that when the paper goes into print, it can cause the alignment of the document to get out of whack. The printer rolls can also be jammed or dirty, causing an alignment issue. A test page is a good way to diagnose whether or not your HP Deskjet printer needs maintenance before its next big print job.

You should also print a test page if you’re printing double-sided with the accessory or manually.

Ink Check

Another reason why people print a test sheet is to determine how much ink they really have left. HP printers are good at alerting consumers when their ink levels are low. That being said, they sometimes suggest an ink change a little too soon. Savvy printer owners know that if they print a test page, they can see whether the ink needs to be changed immediately or not.

Troubleshooting with a Test Page

A test page is a great tool to use when troubleshooting your printer. This can be used when a print job comes out too light, if a print job stops working completely, or if a print job stops working with specific colors. A test page gives the user a general idea of what is working and what isn’t when it comes to troubleshooting printer problems.

Test pages do not have to print printing quality only. There are test pages available for diagnostic purposes as well. In the settings, a user can print a test page to tell them whether there is a network error, hardware error, or software error detected by the HP Deskjet printer. The consumer can then work on the issue to solve the indicated problem.

Check One Two

Checking the print quality is a great way to determine whether your timer needs maintenance before you have a bad experience or waste paper. So before you print your new favorite photo, check the quality and save yourself the grief. Trust us; it is worth it.

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