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Can I Put My Peloton On Carpet?

Last Updated Jan 22, 2022
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Peloton stationary bikes have revolutionized home workouts. Many Peloton users love having the experience of taking a cycling class from a trainer in their own homes rather than going to a gym. Since Peloton bikes are used at home, you may be tempted to put it anywhere in your home, but is it okay to put your Peloton on carpet?

You can put your Peloton on the carpet. Still, there are extra precautions you should take if you are going to install your Peloton on the carpet for your safety. Pelotons can potentially damage a carpet, too, if you don’t take the extra precautions. 

Having a Peloton is a great way to keep fit in any part of your home without having to leave. It is essential to make sure your Peloton is in a safe and comfortable room to exercise in. Ensuring your Peloton is on good flooring is a first step to making sure you’re using your Peloton correctly and safely.

Installing a Peloton on Carpet

If you don’t have many options in your home to place your Peloton, you can still place it in a carpeted room. If you choose to install your Peloton on the carpet, you have to make sure to take extra precautions. Installing a Peloton on carpet can cause a few things to happen:

  • The Peloton is more likely to shift and slide while in use.
  • It will cause imprints on the carpet.
  • If the Peloton shifts and slides, it can damage the carpet.
  • The Peloton won’t be properly leveled, especially if it’s a higher carpet.
  • The Peloton will rock as you use it.
  • Moisture added to carpeting from sweat and spilled water.

Putting a Peloton on the carpet isn’t forbidden, and there are some things that you can do in order to make using your Peloton on the carpet safer and less likely to damage your carpet.

Putting Your Peloton on a Flat Surface With a Carpet

One way to make installing a Peloton on carpet safer is to put it on a flat surface. There are several flat surfaces that are adequate for this.

  • Exercise mats, such as the Tonnit exercise equipment mat.
  • A sheet of plywood big enough to fit the Peloton bike with some extra space for you to get on and off of the bike.
  • Bike trainer mat, such as the Balance Form Go Fit High Density exercise mat.
  • Peloton Bike Mat, which is part of the Peloton accessory bundle.

If you have a thick piled carpet, such as a shag carpet, it’s recommended to use both a sheet of plywood and an exercise mat. You can also use multiple methods for the best stability and floor protection. 

Even if you’re not putting your Peloton on a carpet and you’re putting it on tile or hardwood floor, consider adding an exercise or bike training mat underneath for extra safety and floor protection. The floor can get slippery if you sweat a lot or spill water while using your Peloton. Even if your Peloton is on a hard, flat floor, there is still the possibility of damaging the floors.

Leveling Your Peloton

When you purchase a Peloton, someone comes to your home to install it, or they leave the installed Peloton outside of your home. This could potentially cause issues with using a properly leveled Peloton, especially if your home is on a slant or carpeted.

The best way to level your Peloton on the carpet is to make sure the three stabilizers on the bike’s bottom are firmly against the ground. If you don’t want to damage your carpet, you should use an exercise mat or a wooden plank underneath the bike. 

You don’t just have to level your Peloton when you first install it. You will have to level and stabilize it every few months for optimal safety. Here’s a quick video showing how to stabilize and adjust the stabilizers on your Peloton.

Other Room Considerations for Your Peloton

Choosing the right place to put your Peloton will probably be one of the most important things you do for getting the best workouts in.

Not only do you want to put it in a place where it will fit, but you also want to put it in a place that is easily accessible and has some other important features. Some other things to consider where you’re going to place your Peloton are:

  • How strong the WiFi connection is 
  • At least a four foot by two-foot space with an eight-foot high ceiling
  • Close to a three-prong power outlet


While it’s not completely recommended, you can put your Peloton bike on the carpet. If you do, you may make your rides more dangerous. For optimal safety and protection for your carpet, it’s recommended to install your Peloton on an exercise mat with a sheet of plywood for the best stabilization on a carpeted floor.

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