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Can I Mount a Eufy Camera To a Gutter?

Last Updated Feb 11, 2022
house gutters

Eufy Cameras are the best choice for smart homeowners looking for a standard quality camera at an affordable rate with no monthly subscription fee needed. After buying your device, you need to set it up then decide where you want to put them. There are several places you can mouth a camera, but one view stands separate, mounting it on your house gutter. 

If you want to keep an eye on your smart home surroundings, You can mount your Eufy camera to your house’s gutter. This is a great place to position it because, with a 135 – 140 degree line of view, not only will you see who is approaching your home, you can see what’s happening around your neighborhood.

Although the company does not give you the necessary tools you need to mount the camera on your gutter. You would have to buy a gutter mount for your outdoor smart home camera. In this article, we would look at how you can mount the camera if you can mount them without screws, and how high you can mount your camera without having any problems.

How Do I Mount My Eufy Camera?

To mount your Eufy Cam, you need to purchase a gutter mount either online or in shops. As the name suggests, you need to attach this mount to a gutter. If you don’t want to drill holes in your house, this is the perfect way to mount your camera.

To mount your Eufy Camera to a gutter, do this:

  • A standard gutter mount has two sizes and sides which you can use to attach your mount if the gutter is bulky or slim. 
  • Once you have selected the sides, screw the mount in place.
  • Use a quarter 20 mount on the back of your Eufy Cam to attach it to the mount.
  • Using a smart huI through your phone, you need to bring out the live view so you can adjust the camera to your desired view.

You can use this mount on metal fences and gates too. This can help you avoid drilling a hole on your gate while giving you the ability to position your camera where it’s hard to reach. If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

How Do You Mount Eufy Cameras Without Screws?

When mounting your security camera, you may want to avoid drilling multiple holes on the wall of your house. Setting up a Eufy camera without screws is the best way to neatly install your outdoors/indoor security camera. So how can you do this?

To mount your Eufy Camera without screws, you can use these options:

  • Use a Siding hook purchased online or in stores to mount your camera at sidings. All you have to do is push in the hook, and install your Eufy mount on the siding.
  • Using a corner mount. A corner mount is used when you want to mount your cameras at corners, but you don’t want to drill holes. Just purchase one, use industrial tape to hold the sides, and install your camera mount.
  • You can use a gutter mount. Just as we explained above, using a gutter mount can guarantee no holes in your home wall.
  • You can use an “over the door” hook to secure your camera on your door. You can even use this to mount a video doorbell without using screws.

Ensure you use a shorter mount that you would attach to your Screwless mounting options because if it is long, it can cause the camera to be wobbly.

How High Can I Mount My Eufy Camera?

After connecting your Eufy camera and pairing it up with the EufySecurity app, you would have to calculate how high you can fix your camera so you don’t encounter problems with your connection and home internet. If your Eufycam is far away from your home base, your camera wouldn’t also function well. So how high can you mount your camera?

Eufy Cameras should not be mounted more than 7 to 10 feet high above the ground. This is done so that you won’t have connection problems, you can have a powerful zoom, and your smart camera lens wouldn’t be affected by direct sunlight. With a 140 degrees like of view, your camera would be able to capture a large area.

If you want to mount it on a gutter, and you find out it’s above 10 feet, you can try other options or places to fix it. If you really want to fix it on the gutter, you have to find a way to elevate the home base, probably take it higher to the attic if there is one. As long as the app reads the signal as “great”, you will have no problem.


Eufy cameras are a great choice when installing the security surveillance system on your own. By choosing to install it on your home’s gutter, doing this can be overwhelming. Although, using a gutter mount, you can make this possible. Just keep it at the back of your mind, your device shouldn’t be more than 10 feet from the ground, and the reception of the Cameras should have a great signal.