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Can I Get HBO Max on Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jul 6, 2022
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The Roku Ultra is Roku’s most dynamic and impressive player yet, providing viewers with the fastest and clearest streaming experience. With such power, you’ll want to watch popular blockbuster movies and tv shows, many of which can be found on HBO Max. But can you get HBO Max on the Roku Ultra? 

With Roku Ultra, you can download your favorite streaming apps including HBO Max. In fact, not only will you be able to download it but you’ll be able to watch it with the highest picture and sound quality than any previous Roku player.  

Roku Ultra has everything you love about Roku with some new features. In this article you’ll find out more about what new features the Roku Ultra has, and about which of your favorite features, such as streaming HBO Max, are still included. Keep reading to learn more about them!

What’s New With Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra Features a Brand New Remote Control

Roku Ultra has a brand new remote control that has several new features: 

Rechargeable Remote Control

No need to worry about the batteries dying or having to buy new batteries. The Roku Ultra’s remote control is rechargeable and the USB charging cable is included in the box. 

Voice Control 

If you’re one of those who get frustrated by having to use your remote control to type in the search box, you’ll be glad to know that the Roku Ultra’s new remote control has voice control. The Roku Ultra joins other smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google. You can say, “Hey Roku” followed by a command to turn on your tv or to search for a movie or show. You’ll save a bunch of time with this new feature. 

Lost Remote Finder

You can now add your remote control to your list of devices that you will no longer have to worry about losing. Simply ask your device to find your remote control, and your remote control will play a sound so that you can find it. 

Private Listening 

The Roku Ultra’s new remote control has a jack to connect headphones, which are included in the box, for private listening. No need to worry about waking up others, having to turn the volume down, or being distracted by outside noise. Private listening provides an immersive experience that the entire household will appreciate. 

The Roku Ultra Streams Content Faster Than Previous Versions

Roku Ultra has a quad-core processor and up to 50% more WIFI range than previous versions making it the fastest Roku player ever. Not only will you still be able to watch HBO Max, but it will load faster and have fewer connectivity issues. 

The Roku Ultra Has the Best Picture and Sound Quality

Not only will you be able to stream HBO max on the Roku Ultra, but for certain movies and shows that support it, you’ll be able to watch them in High Definition (HD), 4K, high-dynamic range (HDR), Dolby Vision and using Dolby Atmos, a surround sound technology for cinemas. 

The Roku Ultra Comes in a New Shape and Size

You’ll likely notice that the Roku Ultra looks different from other Roku streaming devices. The Roku Ultra is still sleek and lightweight; however, it’s slightly larger than the other Roku streaming devices. I’m sure you’ll agree that the Roku Ultra’s new size is worth being able to accommodate all of the technology that makes the Roku Ultra so fast and clear.

Favorite Features That Have Not Changed About Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra Can Be Controlled Using Your Phone

For those who’d rather not deal with remote control at all, you can still download the Roku app and use your phone to control your Roku ultra. The app also supports private listening so you can use whatever headphones you use with your phone to watch your favorite movies and shows on your tv.  

The Roku Ultra Includes the Same Streaming Apps 

Not only will you find HBO Max on the Roku Ultra, but you’ll find all your other favorite streaming channels, such as Netflix and Hulu. 

You won’t have to sacrifice selection for quality. With the Roku Ultra, you can have the best of both worlds, streaming all of your favorites with the best picture and the best sound. 

The Roku Channel is Included for Free

One amazing feature about Roku, which remains the same on the Roku Ultra, is Roku’s streaming channel, which is automatically included on your Roku player at no additional cost. The Roku Channel includes hundreds of free, live TV channels and free movies. Like HBO Max, The Roku Channel has original tv shows and movies. You can also add premium subscriptions such as Starz and Showtime. 


With so many unique new features plus all of the same ones you’ve always loved about Roku, including being able to stream HBO Max, you’ll want to upgrade your Roku player to the Roku Ultra. 

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