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Can I Control My Westinghouse TV from My Phone?

Last Updated Mar 6, 2022
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Westinghouse televisions have recently become some of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your home entertainment experience. They provide a great deal of smart features, including internet connectivity and a variety of ways to stream content. They even integrate into your existing smart home ecosystem in most cases.   

One of the best features is that you can control your TV using a free app provided by a third-party app developer through a download from the Google Play Store. The only caveat is that your phone must have an IR blaster built-in to work.

For instructions on how to use this great feature on your Westinghouse TV and also a couple of other ways to use your phone with your new television, continue reading!

Does Westinghouse TV Have an App?

Westinghouse TV itself does not have an app. While an app would provide full integration using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it is not provided by the company. Therefore, if you would like to use your smartphone as a remote control, you are forced to download third-party apps.

Note, there is no app for Apple listed, and that is due to the iPhone not having an IR blaster built-in.

The application itself is very straightforward. It provides a virtual remote on your device and can control settings on your TV just like a standard remote. Also, because of the open nature of Android applications, if this specific app does not work well for you, chances are, there are many more options available, even if you have to sideload an application from outside the Play Store.

How Can I Control My TV from my Phone if I Do Not Have an IR Blaster?

Since all but one of the televisions that Westinghouse makes either runs on Roku OS or Android TV, chances are you still will not have an issue. Both of these operating systems integrate very well with Android and Apple devices which will make controlling the TV a breeze.

If your TV is Roku based:

  1. Connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network that the Roku is running on.
  2. Download or find the Roku app on your device and tap the ‘Devices’ icon in the bottom right portion of the screen.
  3. Tap the Roku device you are trying to control (Multiple may show up if you have more than one).
  4. Try it out! Your device should now be able to control your Roku television.

If your television has Android TV:

  1. On your monitor, find the correct input by pressing the source or input on the screen. An image of a TV, remote, and timer should be on the screen.
  2. Instructions will show up on the screen that will describe how to pair the remote you wish to use.
  3. If you have not connected to the Wi-Fi yet, now would be a good time to.
  4. Now, select the ‘Sign In’ option and then the ‘Use Your Remote” option.
  5. Then you can sign in to your Google account and follow the instructions the device gives you.

The Android TV process does seem more daunting than the Roku one, but many of the steps have prompts that guide you through along the way.

What If My Westinghouse TV Does Not Have Android TV or Roku?

As previously mentioned, Westinghouse only has one model that is not natively running either Android or Roku. In this case, the user has to purchase either a Google Chromecast or a Roku streaming device to enable such features.

Both of these options will give the user the same controls and ability to control the television but do have the added cost of buying the streaming device. In terms of setting up the devices, the previously mentioned steps will work just fine.

What if I Just Want a Better Remote?

If the phone and extra streaming device options just are not working for you, there is always another option. Replacement remotes are easy to find, and offer the ability to control your TV and also anything else that may plug into it.

While it is not as convenient as having all the control in your pocket all the time, the device is very inexpensive and at least limits the number of remotes you have lying around your home. It works with every television manufacturer and even controls soundbars (if you have one).

Another nice aspect of the universal remote listed is the cost. It is priced lower than the least expensive Chromecast or Roku.

The Wrap Up

While Westinghouse does not have the ability to utilize your phone as a remote control for all users, there are many different options that are available that would give the user the same general experience. Combine that with the fact that Westinghouse devices are typically less expensive than their counterparts, which becomes a very small inconvenience.

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