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Can I Control My Samsung Smart TV With My Phone?

Last Updated Apr 18, 2021
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There’s a reason Samsung dominates the smart TV market, running second only to Apple in overall electronics. The features, accessibility, smart home integration, resolution, and quality of Samsung products are equaled by only a few. Despite all of that, keeping track of the remote is an aggravation that hasn’t changed in decades. But thanks to technology, you may be able to control your Samsung TV with your phone.

Users can control their Samsung smart TV with their phones. SmartThings is the preferred application used to turn a smartphone into a remote control in addition to separate streaming devices.

While there are plenty of apps that allow you to turn your smartphone into a remote control, SmartThings does so much more for your smart home ecosystem. Below, we’ll talk about SmartThings in more detail and how it can be used to control your Samsung smart TV.

Using SmartThings to Control Samsung Smart TVs with a Phone

SmartThings is essentially the smart home hub for your Samsung smart TV and all of the third-party smart devices in your home. There is also a SmartThings hub, but it’s not required to integrate your smart home. The SmartThings app was designed by Samsung Electronics and is the most compatible app for your Samsung smart TV.

Adding your TV is simple. With the SmartThings app open, turn on your Samsung smart TV, and it should pop up on your app for you to select and add. In the case that it doesn’t, select the + symbol and add the TV from there.

Your devices will display on the main screen as action buttons or cards. When you want to control your TV, select the TV card symbol, and you’ll connect to your Samsung TV.

Using Streaming Devices to Control Samsung Smart TVs

Some prefer to use streaming devices, such as the Roku or Fire Stick, and there are smartphone remotes for them as well.


The Roku Remote App is probably the most user-friendly of the bunch. The interface has everything you need to control your Samsung smart TV within the Roku OS. It includes voice command and both traditional and swipe control options. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Fire Stick and Fire Cube

Amazon’s Fire Stick 4k and Cube are popular streaming devices as well. The remote app is a bit different from Roku, with giant directional pads for up, down, left, and right. The Fire lineup also includes games that you can play either with the remote app, the remote that comes with the device, or a compatible controller.

Amazon’s Fire TV remote is supported by both Google Play for Android and iOS.

Check out this article to learn more benefits of connecting a Fire Stick to your Samsung TV!

Apple TV

Apple TV is another great option for Samsung smart TVs, especially since Samsung began updating its TVs to support AirPlay 2.

While Apple doesn’t have a remote specifically for AirPlay, the Apple TV app lets you cast your iPhone’s screen onto your Samsung and control what you watch. Universal remotes also work well with Apple TV. Android carries the app, and the iOS version is available as well.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is another great option. Like Apple TV, the Google Home app is a smart home hub more than a TV remote. However, it also supports universal remote control apps, miracast, games, and plenty of streaming options for your Samsung smart TV.

Both the Android and iOS versions of Google Home are available.

Using Infrared Blasters to Control Samsung Smart TVs

If you own an older Samsung smart TV—Airplay 2 updates included 2018-present—you may have to consider using an IR Blaster.

Some of the Samsung Galaxy models have it built-in, and you can find a list of phones that have it here. Since most TVs are controlled by signals in the infrared spectrum, IR blasters are necessary for turning your smartphone into a TV remote.

If your smartphone doesn’t include an IR blaster, you can find several infrared dongles or hubs on the marketplace. The dongles will attach directly to your smartphone, while a hub acts as a relay point between your phone and your TV.

These are four good examples of IR blasters on the Amazon marketplace, and there are many more types and brands available. With an IR blaster, you can download your preferred smartphone remote app, and the IR does the rest.

Final Thoughts

Samsung smart TVs are practically made for smartphones and smart home integration. While there may be the rare holdout that requires an IR blaster, so long as you have a Wi-Fi/Hotspot connection, you can control your Samsung smart TV with your phone.

Also, Samsung produces smart TVs that are perfectly suited for integrating with your existing smart home setup. With SmartThings, there are very few smart home products that aren’t compatible. With your smartphone as a remote, you can control everything tied into your Samsung smart home.

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