Can I Connect or Control My Sharp TV To Alexa

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When setting up a smart hub, you must choose one which can be compatible with all if not most of your smart home devices. Sharp TVs have a ton of smart features that would make your home more interconnected. Let’s say you decide on getting an Alexa-powered smart hub; can your Sharp TV be connected, or controlled by it?

You can only connect and control your smart Sharp TV with Alexa if it’s Roku powered. You can also connect an Android Sharp TV with Alexa by connecting the Google Home App in your TV with an Alexa device. For Sharp TVs that can’t be connected to Alexa, you need to use a Fire Stick or Fire Cube. 

Fire Devices like the Firestick and Fire Cube come with an inbuilt Alexa voice control system on their remote. So if your Sharp TV comes with a Google OS, or if it’s Roku enabled, that’s good news. You can also hook a Fire Device to your non-smart TV to get the best out of Alexa voice-controlled features. Keep reading to learn how you can control your Sharp TV with Alexa.

How Do I Control My Sharp TV With Alexa?

Just as there are different Sharp TV types and models, there are different ways you can be able to connect and control these Sharp TV models with your Alexa. We are going to look into the different ways you can do that.

Connecting and Controlling Your Roku-Powered Sharp TV With Alexa 

Using an Alexa-powered device, you can be able to control your Roku-powered Sharp TV using only voice commands. You can do all these without even using the Roku Remote. 

To connect it, do this:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. Click on the “Menu”
  3. Click “Skill & Games”.
  4. On the search bar, type “Roku”
  5. Select the “Roku Smart Home” icon.
  6. Tap to toggle it on.
  7. Sign in to your Roku Account
  8. Select the Smart TV you want to control.
  9. Going back to the Alexa App, Alexa will search for your Roku device. When it finds it, select the Sharp TV and click on continue.
  10. After choosing the device, confirm to link the device.

Your Roku-powered Sharp TV comes with a Roku voice remote which you can use to communicate with the Alexa Smart Assistant as well as give commands to Alexa to control your TV.

Connecting and Controlling Your Google-Powered Sharp TV With Alexa

You can connect your Google-powered Sharp TV to Alexa easily by connecting the Google Home Platform on your Smart TV to your Alexa Enabled device such as the echo, or the echo dot. 

To connect both technologies, do this:

  1. Get both your Television and Alexa-powered device into pairing mode. You can even make use of a voice command.
  2. Open your Alexa App.
  3. Go to “Devices”.
  4. Click the “+” sign, or the “Add Device” button located at the top right corner of the screen to add a new device.
  5. Navigate down your screen, and select “Other Device”
  6. Click on “Discover Devices”
  7. Alexa would be able to discover your Google Home and connect to it using Bluetooth. The connecting process may take about 2 minutes. 

After connecting both devices, you can speak to Alexa, and it would control the TV through your Google Home App. Also, do not keep both devices in one place so they don’t start communicating with each other.

Connecting and Controlling Your Sharp TV With Alexa Using Fire Devices

If you don’t have a smart Sharp TV that can be connected with Alexa, you can purchase a Fire TV device that can be able to not only turn your boring TV into a smart one but can also enable Alexa voice control on it.

Fire TV devices like Fire Cube, or a fire stick with Alexa enabled voice control remote can act as the Alexa speaker which would then be paired up with your Sharp TV using an HDMI cable. The Fire Cube in this case acts as the Echo Dot, or Echo Show device. 

You can then connect other smart home devices to this to make a smart hub, just like if the TV were to have these features built-in.


So can I connect my Sharp TV to my Alexa smart hub? Yes! But remember, for all these to work, you need your Television, as well as the Fire Device you will use on non-smart TV, and the Alexa Enabled device you want to link your TV to all be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is essential because your smart devices need to communicate with each other using the same host. 

After connection, you can give Alexa voice commands so you can control your Sharp smart TV using just a simple phrase.

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