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Can I Connect a Webcam to My Samsung Laptop?

Last Updated Nov 9, 2021
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You turn on your laptop ready to dive into reading, writing, watching videos, etc.  You have your favorite cup of coffee or tea and are feeling ready to dominate your activity with loads of energy.  You try turning it on and it will not work.  Oh no!  Time for a new laptop!  If you decide to purchase a Samsung laptop you may be wondering whether or not you can connect a webcam. 

You can connect a webcam to your Samsung laptop.  How you connect the webcam will depend on the model you own and the ports for connectivity on the laptop itself.  There are many adapters for connectivity. However, if you find that your laptop will not allow it, there are alternatives. 

Excellent!  Owning a laptop without the ability to connect a webcam would be missing out on important functionality.  Without a webcam, you would not be able to have work or personal video meetings.  Read on to learn how to connect a webcam to your laptop and what to do if it’s not working. 

Can all Samsung Laptops Connect to Webcams?

The most common reason you would not be able to connect directly to a laptop is the lack of a USB drive or compatible software between the webcam and the laptop.  Here are a few Samsung laptops that you can connect a webcam to:   

  • Samsung Galaxy 13.3” Ultra Touch Screen Chromebook
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 13.3”
  • Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 15”

Most Common Connection Options

Now that you have your new laptop you can get back to using it for the things you love as mentioned earlier, along with other activities such as upgrading your smart home tech with products such as the Amazon Smart Plugs.  “How do I connect my camera to my Samsung laptop”, you ask?  There are two primary ways to connect the webcam to your laptop:

  • The USB port is the most common way if equipped on your laptop.  If you have a USB port this method is super simple!
  • Purchasing an external USB adapter will work if you do not have a USB port.  This is most common with tablets and phones.

How to Connect Via a USB Port

Samsung is a popular brand when it comes to TVs, smartphones, and laptops.  You can purchase a tablet or a regular laptop and they will get you on the internet as quickly as it takes to set up your wi-fi network.  If you purchase a traditional laptop (i.e. not a tablet), there is a very good chance it has USB ports as most laptops are equipped with them.

Assuming you have a USB port on your laptop you can get your webcam set up in no time.  Simply plug your webcam directly into the USB port and follow either the on-screen instructions or the instructions that came with your webcam.  Assuming you do not have any issues you are well on your way to making the virtual trivia night with your friends who live in other places.

Alternatives to Connecting a Webcam to the Laptop

One alternative is owning a tablet that has a USB port. If you own one, great! Follow the steps outlined above. If you do not or if your device does not have a USB slot, do not despair!  Webcams have been around for quite some time now and there are other options for you to connect them.

The most common option for this type of connection will be to buy a USB adapter that is made for your device. Before purchasing, make sure the adapter is compatible with your specific device. The adapter itself should have a manual that outlines this or simply search on Google.  

A USB adapter will have a cable that looks similar to your charging cable and can be plugged directly into the tablet.  

The other end of the cable will be an external USB port similar to the port that you see in most laptops. Once you have plugged the USB adapter into your device, follow the on-screen instructions or the directions that came with your owner’s manual.  You may need to install software on your device to recognize the adapter.  Whether you do need to or not, once connected, simply plug your webcam into the USB port and follow the instructions as described in the section above.

How do I Get my Laptop to Recognize My Webcam?

Hopefully, once you have followed the steps above and made your first video call everything works properly!  However, in the event that it does not work and troubleshooting is required, the first step is to restart your laptop.  Occasionally new devices are not immediately recognized without a restart.  If this does not work, check the webcam settings in your laptop to ensure the webcam you have plugged in is listed as a valid device to use and is selected.


Once all troubleshooting is completed and your webcam is working, you are now ready for one of the most important things in life: social connections, albeit virtually.  Enjoy!

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