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Can HelloBaby Monitors Be Hacked?

Last Updated Jul 20, 2022

Once our lives became more dependent on devices, our lives got more complicated. We use those devices to make our lives easier, putting our data and information onto them. Hackers realized there was money to be made with that information. Recently there have been hackings on baby monitors, so can the HelloBaby monitors be hacked?

The HelloBaby monitor would be difficult to hack because it is not connected to the internet. HelloBaby broadcasts video on its local frequency, so a hacker would have to have special equipment and be located nearby the baby monitor to hack it.

One of the main benefits of the HelloBaby monitor system is that it doesn’t require an internet connection or the use of your WiFi network to operate. The baby camera unit broadcasts the encrypted video signal on a specific, ever-changing radio frequency known only to its paired parent unit. So, the chances of getting hacked are near zero.

Can HelloBaby Monitors Be Hacked?

The technology that HelloBaby uses to broadcast its video signal is like a traditional radio station with a power of 2.4 GHz. Within that 2.4Ghz band are a ton of separate, individual radio stations. Both the baby unit camera and the display parent unit list these individual radio stations. The baby unit and parent unit sync up which station they use.

The HelloBaby Monitor line of baby monitors is very difficult to hack due to their use of  Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum, or FHSS, technology. With FHSS, the baby and parent units change their radio frequencies at set intervals known only to the units.

It’s impossible to say that the HelloBaby can’t be hacked, but it is extremely unlikely that it would happen. Since the HelloBaby systems aren’t internet-enabled, any potential hacker would have to be within the 1000’ range of the broadcast range of the baby unit of the camera. Then, they would have to crack the FHSS broadcast station and break the encryption.

How Do I Know if Someone has Hacked My Baby Monitor?

Although it is highly unlikely that someone locally would try and hack your HelloBaby monitor, it is not impossible. The technology to hack into local radio signals does exist. After all, it is like a car radio or family walkie-talkie radio signal only using computer language instead of speech. Here are some ways to know if your HelloBaby Baby Monitor has been hacked:

  • If the LED on the camera is on showing it is in use while you aren’t using it
  • The camera is moving by itself.
  • You hear someone talking through the talk-back feature on your camera.

Some other things that will tell you something is up, such as beeping, don’t signify there’s hacking. Keep reading to learn more details about these signs.

The LED Lights on the Baby Unit Camera

On the front of the baby unit camera, there is an LED that indicates whether it is in use or not. If you find that the light on the front of the camera is lit when it isn’t supposed to be, that could be a good indicator that something is amiss. The LED on the front of the baby unit camera indicates that the camera is in use.

  • If the LED on the front of the baby unit camera is lit and you are not using the camera, it could indicate that either the Baby Unit Camera is malfunctioning or you are being hacked.
  • If you find your LED is lit when you aren’t using it, you should disconnect the camera and re-pair the camera to your display parent unit using your manual.

The Camera is not Where you Left it or Moving by Itself

Suppose your HelloBaby camera is not where you last positioned it, or the camera is moving independently without you operating it. In that case, you may have been hacked or have a malfunctioning camera. What you should do is:

  • Power down your camera and re-pair it with the parent unit to see if that fixes your problem
  • Ensure that no one else with authorized access moved the baby unit camera before assuming that the HelloBaby baby monitor is hacked. It’s more than likely someone bumped the camera, especially since you can have multiple cameras.

You Hear Someone Talking Through Your Baby Monitor

A surefire way to tell that you have been hacked is if suddenly some unauthorized voice starts talking to you or your baby through the baby unit camera. With the encryption and a lack of connection to the internet, it is highly unlikely that your baby monitor would pick up any stray voices. It would mean that you have likely been hacked, and they are nearby.


Most of the time, people that hack baby monitors are doing nothing more than playing cruel practical jokes on parents with poor security on their baby monitors. There may be other nefarious deeds afoot, but they are unlikely. However, if you have a HelloBaby, this is even less likely. A baby monitor attached to the internet has to worry about this more than a HelloBaby.

You should always check your equipment to ensure it isn’t malfunctioning before assuming you are being hacked, but if you think your baby monitor is being hacked, you should contact your local authorities.

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