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Can Google Nest WIFI Handle Gigabit Speeds?

Last Updated Jun 6, 2022
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Can you enjoy high internet speeds with Google Nest Wi-Fi? This has been a topic of discussion and a recurring question for people who own Google Nest Wi-Fi and would like to use gigabit internet. To ensure you enjoy the full internet experience, it is important to get any compatibility issues out of the way from the very start.

Google Nest Wi-Fi can handle gigabit speeds. While it can handle gigabit internet, it is important to consider the type of connection, have the best hardware, settings, internet service provider, and compatible devices.

With your Google Nest Wi-Fi, you can optimize the factors mentioned above to improve internet speeds on your Nest Wi-Fi. Learn more about Google Nest Wi-Fi and gigabit internet compatibility below.

Google Nest Wi-Fi with Gigabit Internet Speeds

To break it down for Google Nest Wi-Fi users looking to use gigabit internet, we look at several aspects of the relationship between Google Nest Wi-Fi and gigabit internet.

Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Support Gigabit Speeds?

Gigabit internet is an internet connection that gives you speeds of 1000 megabits per second. Speeds of 1 gigabit per second are essentially the standard for most Internet Service Providers across the United States. The difference is the variation in costs. Gigabit internet speeds are compatible with Google Nest Wi-Fi. Keep reading for more information.

What Difference Does Gigabit Internet Make on Nest Wi-Fi?

Gigabit internet has a huge difference for Google Nest Wi-Fi’s performance. Usually, people use multiple devices to access the internet in their homes and for different tasks. Therefore, if you stream your movies, play video games, and have multiple devices using the same connection, your internet performance will be noticeably better when using gigabit internet.

Since Google Nest Wi-Fi is an improved version of Google’s previous mesh Wi-Fi technology, the device does not encounter compatibility issues. The device contains a main router and points that can be fixed around the house to optimize network coverage. It also features dual bandwidth, transmitting at 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.

How to Use Google Nest Wi-Fi with Gigabit Internet

It is clear that Google Nest Wi-Fi supports gigabit internet, especially since it is a powerful device that can transmit speeds of up to 1200Mbps. However, it needs to be correctly set up in order to get the most out of it. The setup determines the ability to get the most out of gigabit internet. To achieve this, consider the following factors.

Use a Gigabit-Capable Modem–DOCSIS 3.1 Standard Modem. 

Internet service providers in the US, like Verizon, CenturyLink, and others, offer gigabit internet. To enjoy gigabit speeds on your nest Wi-Fi, using a modem that is able to channel these speeds is crucial. This is why you need a gigabit-capable modem to make this possible. 

A DOCSIS 3.1 modem is the best for cable internet users. Some of the best DOCSIS 3.1 modems that work with Google Nest Wi-Fi include NETGEAR CAX30s, NETGEAR CM1200, Arris SB8200, etc. Essentially, you need the proper hardware to get better performance on your nest Wi-Fi with gigabit speeds.

Wired Connection Over Wi-Fi

An Ethernet connection works much better than a wireless connection. The best way to get the most out of your internet is to choose a wired connection. You should also consider CAT6 cables to connect every device that can be connected. This gives you the best speeds and overall performance with your Nest Wi-Fi.

This is especially ideal for gamers since the connection improves, and there are fewer interruptions when using Google Nest Wi-Fi. However, it is important to remember that speeds may fluctuate depending on your distance from the access point.

Since google nest Wi-Fi only has one LAN port, you can get a gigabit switch if you want to have multiple wired connections. 

Your Devices Should be Gigabit-Capable

To get gigabit speeds, you need devices that support gigabit internet speeds. Most laptops and desktops have an ethernet port that allows you to connect to your nest Wi-Fi. However, phones and tablets don’t have ethernet ports. In this case, you can rely on a Wi-Fi connection for these devices.

Ensure that your nest Wi-Fi points are close to the main router to get the best speeds over Wi-Fi. 

How to Solve Slow Internet Speeds on Google Nest Wi-Fi

Even with all the above properly setup, you might still not get optimal internet speeds. Using the Google Wi-Fi app helps you keep track of your internet connections and network.

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds:

  • Unplug all the wired connections (WAN, LAN, Switch)
  • Reset your Nest Wi-Fi and other devices
  • Check your internet speed. If it is still slow, repeat the process.

This should solve the problem of slow internet speeds.


You don’t need to trade in your Google Nest Wi-Fi to enjoy gigabit speeds. Since gigabit internet is all the rage, many nest Wi-Fi users have been wondering whether they need to make a change. However, the good news is that google Nest Wi-Fi can handle gigabit speeds.

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