Can Furbo Be Used for Cats? (And Other Uses)

Cat laying on bed next to a window.Cat laying on bed next to a window.

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Furbo is a video pet monitor that connects you to your fur family through the Furbo app and allows you to keep an eye on your pet from the comfort of home. It has been designed for dogs, but can it be used for cats too?

Furbo can be used for cats. Even though it is designed for dogs and dog owners, many cat owners have also used it to make sure they can keep their cats company at all times. 

Furbo provides an interactive experience by allowing you to play and have fun with your pets while away through virtual laser light games, puzzles, and treats. Below, we’ll look at what Furbo does and some other options for cat owners.

How Do You Use Furbo for Cats?

You can use Furbo with cats just like you would with a dog. Furbo lets you play with your pet with virtual laser light games, puzzles, and treats. With its 1080P Full HD and 360-degree panning camera, and two-way audio, pet parents can have peace of mind by letting them check in on their furry friend from the Furbo app.

The Furbo camera is also equipped with sound detection, which allows you to play fun sounds through the Furbo camera when your pet comes around. It also has two-way audio capabilities to listen and talk to your fur baby.

Furbo also alerts pet owners if any disturbances are going on, and it can control and monitor devices in smart homes such as the lights, thermostats, TVs, and more to keep your pet comfortable.

The newer Furbo model also has color night vision, so if you have to leave your cat for the night, you can check on them with the lights off.

We’ve also reviewed the Furbo Camera to test it out with how it works overall and for cats.

Furbo Dog Nanny

Furbo Dog Nanny is a subscription service that comes with your Furbo. It’s just like having a pet sitter come to your home for the day, just minus the cuddles. However, a downfall is that the AI is designed to pick up a dog’s movement and activity. It can tell the difference between a dog and a human so that it won’t pick up a cat’s meow

There are some benefits to using the Furbo Dog Nanny if you don’t already have specific systems set up in your home. It sends alerts and notifies you if there is an emergency in your home, such as a fire. It also comes with:

  • 15-second recordings stored in the cloud that are event-triggered
  • The Doggie Diary that is a 60-second highlight of the day’s activities
  • Howling and crying alerts; however, it won’t detect a cat’s meows

The Furbo Dog Nanny subscription would be most beneficial if you have a dog in your fur family rather than just cats.

If you find that Furbo isn’t the right fit for you and your cat, don’t worry, we have a list of other amazing cat cameras to try out.

Furbo Compatibility

One important thing to consider before purchasing Furbo is that it integrates with your smart home. Furbo isn’t compatible with all assistants, so you might want to consider that before purchasing a Furbo.

Furbo With Alexa

If you have an Echo device in your home, you’re in luck! Furbo is compatible with Alex. It’s a quick setup, where all you’ll have to do is teach Alexa the Furbo skill, enable it, and connect the camera. It is available in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries.

Once everything is set up, all you’ll have to say is, “Alexa, tell Furbo to toss a treat.” and your cat will be satisfied. No more getting up and fishing a treat from the treat jar.

Furbo With Amazon Astro

Even though it hasn’t been released to the public yet, Amazon Astro is a fun robot that you can use to monitor your whole home. Not only can it monitor your whole home, but it can also bring some things from room to room with different add-ons. Furbo is one of the add-ons you can get with Amazon Astro. 

This is especially great if you have a cat who likes to hide out in sneaky spots throughout the day when you’re not home. You can easily go room to room with the Amazon Astro to look for your cat. It’s also an excellent tool if your cat is sick or older because they tend to hide more often.

Once it’s available, you’ll need to purchase an adapter for the Furbo to the Amazon Astro. 

Final Thoughts

Many pet camera devices share the same features, such as HD cameras and two-way audio, and more cameras are coming out with a treat-dispensing feature. At the end of the day, you’ll want to choose the device that fits your cat’s needs best. Furbo can be used to ensure that you can keep an eye on your cat while you’re away from home, even though it’s meant for dogs and you can’t use all of the features offered. It will be worth trying all of them out to see how your fur baby reacts (and interacts with) each device.

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