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Can Eufy Doorbell Use an Existing Chime?

Last Updated Jun 28, 2022
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The Eufy Doorbell makes a great addition to the security products that you use to protect your home. With the Eufy Doorbell’s chime, you can get immediate notifications when someone is at your door or outside your home. But can you reap the same benefits using a chime that already came with your home?

The wired Eufy Doorbell does not work with existing chimes wired into your home, but it does come with its own chime with eight fun (and holiday-themed) ringtones. In contrast, the battery-powered Eufy Doorbell does work with existing chimes.

While wired Eufy Doorbells may not work with your existing chime, installing the included chime and doorbell is something that can be done easily.

Does the Eufy Doorbell Work with Existing Chimes?

Unfortunately, the wired Eufy Doorbell does not work with existing chimes. When you connect the device to your chime, it actually bypasses the chime, rendering it unusable. However, the wired Eufy Doorbell does come with its own chime meant to work with the device.

To set up the accompanying chime with your wired Eufy Doorbell:

  1. Open the EufySecurity App.
  2. Plug the chime into a wall outlet and wait until you see a solid blue light.
  3. Once you see the light, tap “Chime lights up” in the app.
  4. Press and hold the “Sync” button on the chime for two seconds.
  5. The light should start to flash, and you should hear a “ding” sound.
  6. If you hear this sound, the chime is ready to pair. Tap “connect” in the app.
  7. Press your doorbell button to check and see if the chime paired correctly.
  8. Tap “Done” in the app, and your doorbell and chime are paired and ready to use!

Installing the Battery-Powered Eufy Doorbell

Although the wired Eufy Doorbell does not work with existing chimes, the battery-powered version does. You would simply need to wire it into your chime.

Wiring the battery-powered Eufy Doorbell to your chime is quite simple:

  1. Set up your home base by turning it on and connecting the ethernet cable to your router.
  2. When the LED light on the home base turns blue, it is ready to set up.
  3. Download EufySecurity App from your App Store and sign up, or log into your account.
  4. Add the home base and then the doorbell to your devices.
  5. Since you are using the battery option, mount the doorbell outside your door wherever you choose. (If you are mounting into brick or stucco, use the provided wall anchors. If you are mounting into wood, these are not necessary.)
  6. Align the doorbell into the mounting bracket and snap it into place.

Wiring the Battery-Powered Doorbell with Existing Chime

To wire your battery-powered doorbell into the existing doorbell chime, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the power is disconnected to the chime. Test lights in the area to confirm that the power is turned off.
  2. Remove the cover on the doorbell chime, and locate the screws with Trans and Front on them. Use the wire that came with the Eufy Doorbell to connect the two terminals. This is to bypass the old doorbell chime. (This will not affect the normal operations of the electrical circuit.)
  3. Remove the old doorbell from the front of the house. Carefully pull out the two wires and gently pull them apart, so they are not touching.
  4. Mark the holes for the screws using the screw hole card that came with the doorbell. Drill the holes using the power drill. The user manual suggests placing the doorbell about 48” (4 feet) from the ground for the best viewing range. (Included is a 15-degree mounting bracket if you need to adjust your camera’s view.)
  5. If your doorbell is being attached to stucco, brick, or concrete, it is recommended to use the wall anchors that come with the camera. This is not necessary if the doorbell is going to be installed onto a wooden doorframe. Put the screws into the screw holes or into the holes on the mounting bracket (install the mounting blanket to the bracket before tightening the screws) and tighten down.
  6. Connect the existing wires to the terminals located on the back of the doorbell. If the wires are too short, extension wires are provided with the doorbell. (Only use these extensions if the existing wires are too short).
  7. Remove the film from the back of the doorbell and place it on the wall. If you need to reposition the doorbell, use the included detaching tool to do so.
  8. Turn the power back on to the circuit breaker.
  9. After the power is restored, the doorbell should flash yellow.
  10. Once the doorbell flashes yellow, follow the instructions in the EufySecurity App to complete the installation.

Final Thoughts

Eufy boasts that they offer this camera free of subscriptions, 2K camera resolution for images and videos, quick response times, video clips stored on the camera, and of course—it works with Alexa! Eufy reviews top those of the Ring doorbell and are highly recommended by former Ring users.

The best part? Regardless if you opt for the wired or wireless version, you can use the device with a working chime.

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