Can Element TV Be Used As Computer Monitor?


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Imagine owning a TV set that allows connection to the internet and multitasking simultaneously! Element TV brand offers this opportunity and provides the chance to enjoy other unique features. You may be wondering whether one of its features includes substituting for a computer monitor.

An Element TV can be used as a computer monitor. However, it usually does not serve the purpose well enough. A regular high-definition TV is not often suitable and may not perform the task efficiently. That is why you should use electronics for what they were intended for.

Every Element TV features a result that the computer mouse and keyboard are also input devices. Keep reading to learn all the information needed to understand how to use your Element TV as a computer monitor.

How to Substitute a Television for a Computer Monitor

Substituting a television for a computer monitor is relatively easy. 

Here are the steps to using your Element TV as a computer monitor:

  1. Connect the PC and television with an HDMI cable.
  2. Ensure your television is on the correct input source. You can confirm this by clicking the input button on the TV remote and picking the correct one.
  3. Confirm the resolution of your PC matches your TV by clicking “System” in the Settings
  4. Click “Display.”
  5. Click on “Advanced Display Settings.”
  6. Click “Adapter Properties.”
  7. Click all modes and choose the right option that cooperates with your TV’s resolution.

Now, let’s look at what you can use your TV for when connected to a computer.

What Can You Do With Your Element TV As a Computer Monitor?

We established earlier that an element TV could substitute a computer monitor for some tasks, but it can’t do everything a monitor will do. So before you make the connection, understanding what the TV can or can’t do is essential. It will save you time and money. 

What are the tasks an Element TV can do instead of a computer monitor? 

Stream Media

With Element TV, you can quickly stream internet content directly from their sites like a computer will do. The media you can stream are the same kinds you do with a regular computer; songs, audio, movies, podcasts, music videos, television broadcasts, live performances, webcasts, and others you can access via the internet. Of course, you need a fast and working internet connection to stream these contents.

The most common platform used for streaming is YouTube. YouTube is also one of the most accessible free media platforms for streaming. However, suppose you are specific about the kind of streaming you want to do. In that case, you should try out other media platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. With these platforms and good internet, you can use your Element TV to see high-quality movies. 

Play Video Games

Element TV is a good computer substitute for video game players. The TV displays video games in good quality like your computer will do. However, not all Element TVs can play video games without problems. 

The best TVs for this purpose are on the expensive side, as they cost about $500 and above. You can get a good TV at a fair price, but you have to manage the low quality, less expensive Element TVs while gaming. 

Attend Meetings

Like you use your PC to attend meetings, you can also participate in discussions using Element TV if you’ve done the connection to an internet source the right way. The meeting sessions you attend have to be compatible with your PC first. Websites that are not compatible with your computer may be challenging to access with the TV.

Skype and Zoom are the most frequently used and compatible meeting platforms. You can also access Google meet directly from your browser. Nevertheless, always remember that compatibility of the PC with the meeting site is a huge factor to consider before using the TV to attend any meeting.

Pros of Using an Element TV as a Computer Monitor

Now that you’ve seen some of the things you can do with your Element TV when using it as a monitor, you may want to see the pros.

Some good sides of using an element TV as a computer monitor include:

  • The TV has a wider screen, so you can see content from a distance.
  • More people can see the screen at a time.
  • If you have a wireless keyboard, you can use the TV at a distance from your PC.
  • There is no need for a remote since you can use a mouse instead.
  • You can use the TV to charge your laptop.

Now, let’s see the cons.

Cons of Using an Element TV as a Computer Monitor 

Element TVs may be great substitutes for computer monitors, but there are some unfortunate sides of using them.

These are:

  • The input lag is longer. The input lag is the delay between performing a keyboard command and seeing the corresponding action on the screen. It can be frustrating, mainly if you use the TV to play video games.
  • There are no means of connecting to your computer if it lacks an HDMI port. And this is seen if the TV depends on a wired connection to your computer.
  • As the screen is quite broad, you put more strain on your eyes if you sit closer for any activity. 

Now you know everything about using your Element TV as a computer monitor.


Element TVs are fantastic options if you are looking for an affordable smart 4K TV that can double up as your computer monitor. Even though it will not be a perfect replacement due to some deficiency in sound and color, it offers excellent picture quality, essential HDR support, and a good TV experience. So now you know what you can do on your Element TV when using it as a computer monitor.

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