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Can Echo Studio Be Used For TV?

Last Updated Jun 17, 2022
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Amazon is producing more smart home technology that can be used with many devices within your home and make your life simpler. This includes one of their devices: the Echo Studio. But can it be used for the TV in your home?

The short answer is yes. It can work for your TV, but it is not compatible with every television. You may find that some TVs don’t work or have limitations when you pair them together.

You will find everything you need to know about connecting the Echo Studio to your TV and what you can do with it as you continue reading.

Can Echo Studio Be Used For TV?

Yes, you can use your Echo Studio with your TV. It is made to be used as a soundbar as well as a more glorified version of an Echo Dot. You can connect it via Bluetooth or choose to connect it through the Alexa application.

Some televisions do not support Amazon products. If it doesn’t, you may have issues playing your TV via the Echo Studio. Older versions of televisions that do not connect to wifi or have Bluetooth compatibility will not support your Amazon device.

How To Connect Echo Studio To My TV

Before you can begin using your Echo Studio with your TV, you first need to connect it. It only takes a few minutes of your time and a few things, and you are good to go. Here are the steps to follow to connect your Amazon device to your television:

  • Gather all your supplies.
  • Download the Alexa application.
  • Plug in your Echo Studio close to your TV.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Turn on Bluetooth for both devices.
  • Connect via Bluetooth.
  • Or connect the devices through the Alexa app.
  • Test out your TV on your Echo Studio.

On all compatible devices, you will use the Echo Studio to do other tasks with your TV that doesn’t just include being a speaker. With a device that may not be fully compatible, you will only use the device as a soundbar.

How Can I Use The Echo Studio For My TV?

You can use your Echo Studio as more than just a speaker or surround system. You can also use it as a remote controller or a timer for your TV. You can do so much with all these new devices and their advancements.

Speaker Or Surround System

Most people will use the Echo Studio as a speaker or sound system with their TV. You can even combine an Amazon bass speaker to add to your surround sound system feel. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other purposes as well.

Remote Controller

With most Amazon-compatible televisions, you can program your Echo Studio as an extra remote. You don’t have to do anything special like putting in a code as you have done with remote programming. You can simply add your smart TV to devices within your Alexa application, and you are good to go.


You can command your Echo Studio to make a timer for your television if you don’t feel like using your remote to schedule a sleep timer. You can set a routine if you even want to use your Echo Studio for more complicated tasks. Your Amazon device will turn your TV on and off when you want.

Making a routing within your Alexa can help you restrain from staying up all night binge-watching a series or can even help your children keep track of time. Sometimes time can slip away from you if you aren’t paying attention. 

What To Do If I Have Connection Issues?

Connection issues do arise, especially when you may not be familiar with your current smart TV or your new Echo Studio. It happens more often than not, even to the best of us who may know technology well.

Your initial response to these connection issues is to try and reset all your devices. Try to reconnect again. If it doesn’t work, you may want to try a different means of connection. If you tried Bluetooth and it didn’t work, try using the Alexa application and vice versa.

When this doesn’t work, try contacting Amazon to assist with their product. They should know the best routes to take, and if it doesn’t work, they can replace the product. You can also try contacting your TV company as well.

If you want to ensure that it’s not the Echo Studio, try connecting it to another smart TV. If it works on this other TV, the connection problem is your TV and not your Echo Studio. If it doesn’t work, your Echo Studio may be the issue.


Technology is advancing so much that now you can easily transition your home into a smart home. The Echo Studio will help this process while making your TV sound better than ever. You don’t want to miss out.

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