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Can Arlo Pan, Tilt and Zoom?

Last Updated Apr 20, 2022
Top view of Arlo Camera

Knowing if your Arlo security camera can pan, tilt and zoom can give you a big advantage in home security. With these features, you will be able to move your security camera around to where the action is and clearly identify what is causing the problem.

Can Arlo pan, tilt and zoom? You cannot tilt an Arlo camera in any way. Some of the Arlo security cameras can only digitally pan and zoom. Those cameras include the:

  • Arlo Ultra
  • Arlo Pro
  • Arlo Pro 2
  • Arlo Pro 3
  • Arlo Baby

Having the freedom to move your Arlo security camera where you need it to be is important. That is why you should learn more about how to pan and zoom your Arlo cameras using the Arlo app.

Can You Pan, Tilt, and Zoom?

Arlo Camera

The Arlo security cameras are unable to move once they are placed on their mounts. There is no tilting feature when it comes to these cameras. Arlo cameras have a 12x digital zoom built into them.

The Arlo Pan and Zoom feature on the Arlo app will allow you to control the view of your camera.

  1. Open up your Arlo app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and log into your account.
  2. Tap on a live video stream or a recorded footage from your cloud storage.
  3. You can now pinch and drag your fingers across your screen to zoom in and out of the footage. You can also use the zoom icon at
  4. When you have zoomed in or out of the video you have chosen, you can pan the footage as far is it will go.

Arlo cameras are pretty durable but they aren’t weatherproof. Be sure to place them in a good position.

Arlo Baby

The Arlo Baby camera’s setup to pan and tilt is a bit different than the other Arlo cameras. The setup goes as follows:

  1. Open the Arlo app and log in to your Arlo account on your smartphone or computer.
  2. All of your devices will show up on the next page. Select the Arlo Baby camera.
  3. Look at the bottom right-hand corner of your Arlo Baby camera video. Next, tap on the menu icon.
  4. This will show you your Device Settings and after you click on that tab, click on Video Settings.
  5. Go down to the footage that shows what the Arlo Baby camera is looking at. Tap the Snapshot button to take a more recent picture of what Arlo Baby camera is seeing.
  6. To pan and zoom while using a smartphone, use the regular pinch gesture to zoom in and out.
  7. On your computer, you pan and zoom by dragging the corners of the orange box to zoom in and out.
  8. You can now click and drag the whole orange box until only the area that you want to look at is inside of the orange box.
  9. Once you are done moving the area that the Arlo Baby camera can see, and you can record the footage. Then tap Save.

Although you may not be able to tilt your camera, you can make sure that it is positioned where you need it to be during installment.

How to Position Your Arlo Camera

To position your camera the right way, you need to understand the camera’s field of view. The field of view determines how much you will see on your camera’s screen. Here is how you can set up your camera to see all that you need to see:

  • Position your camera’s field of view where the most traffic happens. Most Arlo cameras have a 110 to 130-degree viewing angle.
  • Be sure to take notice of where you put your camera. Make sure there are no objects blocking their way. If there is something within 2.5 inches, it could give you a different look as far as the reflection of lights and making the view cloudy.
  • You can use your smartphone app and computer to move it digitally on the cloud. With this ability to control your camera on the cloud and watch the live video footage on your Arlo app. You can start to make some real-time adjustments to the camera’s position.
  • Before securing your Arlo camera to a wall, you may consider pushing it up higher. You can place your Arlo security camera up to about 7 feet above the floor. It is also recommended that you aim it a bit downward for better sensor detection.
  • Make sure that your Arlo security camera can see any traffic on the sides of it. Arlo’s motion sensor works best when something is coming from the side since that is where it begins to detect if something is coming into the camera’s viewpoint. Your camera is best at identifying anything from between 5 feet to 20 feet from its position.
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