The Apple Air Tag is a great thing to pin to your keys, wallet, or other small things that you might lose often; some people even choose to add them to their cars or other things they are worried might get stolen. Since you might be bringing the Air Tag with you everywhere you go, you might be wondering if you can get them wet.

Apple Air Tags are water and splash-resistant, which means they can get slightly wet and still function properly. They cannot be submerged in water, though. If it continually gets wet, the internal components might begin to break down.

Below, we’ll cover whether the Apple Air Tags are waterproof or water-resistant, as well as a few waterproofing options you can use to better safeguard your Air Tags.

Is the Apple Air Tag Waterproof?

Apple Air Tags are not waterproof; they are only water-resistant. They have an IP67 rating under the IEC standard. This is a fancy way of saying that Apple tested the waterproof conditions in a lab and found that the Air Tag can withstand a water depth of 1 meter, or 3.2 feet, for 30 minutes.

“Water-resistant” means the Air Tag can be splashed, slightly rained on, or immersed in water for a very short period. If your Air Tag falls into a puddle or other body of water, you should get it out as soon as possible. However, know that the water-resistant features only work if your Air Tag is in optimal condition and is completely closed. If you have a damaged Air Tag, it might not be completely water-resistant.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as most Apple products are not waterproof—and are instead water-resistant—anyway; the IP67 rating is the same as the iPhone SE. Since the Apple Air Tags are not waterproof, you should not:

  • Completely submerge the Apple Air tag for a long period
  • Take the Air Tag near a pool, lake, or other water
  • Take the Air Tag-out when it’s raining heavily
  • Swim with the Air Tag
  • Allow pets to swim with the Air Tag

What Should I Do If My Apple Air Tags Get Wet?

If your Air Tag gets wet and remains wet for a prolonged period, do the following:

  1. Remove it from water immediately.
  2. Gently pat it dry with a lint-free towel.
  3. Open the back and remove the battery.
  4. Let each component air out in a cool, indoor place. Do not place it in the sun to dry, and do not dry it with a microwave or hairdryer.

Once dried, you can put the same battery back in as long as you don’t see any water damage. If water seems to have dried into the battery or there are water spots, always put in a new one. After it has completely dried, you can check the Find My app if it’s still working and can still show locations.

Should I Buy a Waterproof Case for Apple Air Tags?

Whether you buy a waterproof case for your Apple Air Tag is really up to personal preference and might not be necessary for everyone. In most conditions, the water-resistant feature should be enough to keep the Air Tag dry.

However, there are some instances where you might want to get a waterproof case:

  • You plan to put the Air Tag on a pet who might get wet or likes to swim.
  • You are going to attach them to keys and might be walking in the rain or snow.
  • You work around water or have a job that might cause the Air Tag to get wet.
  • You will be attaching it to an object that gets wet, such as a boat or water sports equipment.

Since the Apple Air Tag is pretty new, options for cases are limited. However, there are a few options on Amazon:

As the Apple Air tags spend more time on the market, more options are bound to come out. Most of the choices right now are for dog collars or other pets. You can also consider traveling with them in a waterproof bag or wallet as well.

Final Thoughts

Apple Air Tags are not fully waterproof, but they are water-resistant. The IP67 rating means they can get splashed and slightly submerged for less than 30 minutes. Without a case, though, they are not suitable to put on pets who swim or other things that might get wet regularly. You should consider buying a case for them so that they continue to work no matter how wet they might get.