Can Anyone Hack My WhatsApp? How to Prevent it


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WhatsApp is a popular application you can install to communicate with others on any device. However, before you install an application, you should understand important security measures.

Unfortunately, hackers can access any application, including WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp does not protect you from potential hacking situations. There are ways to protect yourself from hacking.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about how hackers can access your WhatsApp account. In addition, we will discuss crucial safety measures you should take.

How to Know Your WhatsApp Account was Hacked

Are you unsure whether your WhatsApp account has been hacked or you’re just having trouble logging in?

Both situations are common, and there are ways to tell the difference.

  • If your account sends suspicious links to others without your knowledge, someone else has access to your account.
  • You’ll notice that your account keeps adding people you don’t know without your knowledge.
  • There are several changes to your profile that you did not authorize.
  • You’ll have suspicious chat messages.

Whenever any of your accounts get hacked, it can be a stressful situation.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid people accessing your WhatsApp.

Common Ways Scammers Hack WhatsApp Accounts

There are popular scamming techniques people will use to access your WhatsApp account without your permission.

You need to understand the most common technique scammers use to prevent your WhatsApp account from getting compromised by these fraudsters.

Below, we will discuss the most common tactics WhatsApp actors use to gain access to your information.

Media Files

Scammers can access your media files by having you download a safe-looking app that has malware installed.

This malware intercepts the way you receive media files on WhatsApp.

You need to be careful about downloading any applications onto your smartphone because anyone can hack. Only download applications from reliable sources like the App Store or Google Play store.

Scammers use media file hacking to exchange your bank account information for theirs.

For example, if a client sends you money on WhatsApp, they’ll accidentally send it to the scammer instead.

Phishing Links

Phishing scams are some of the most common ways hackers gain access to accounts.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is no exception to falling for phishing scams.

You need to be cautious about any links you open on any platform to protect your information.

If you click on a phishing link, scammers can gain access to any of your accounts.

Always check links for misspellings and verify sources before clicking a link.

If you feel bad about a link, do not click on it.

Pegasus Voice Calls

The Pegasus missed call spyware mishap occurred on WhatsApp and similar applications and gained notoriety among users.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to avoid a Pegasus voice call attack because it doesn’t require user participation.

You don’t have to click on any links to receive Pegasus spyware on your phone.

Fortunately, this type of hacking is extremely rare because Pegasus is meant for government institutions instead of civilians.

Through GIFs

GIFs are a popular way for people to convey emotion through messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, receiving a GIF on this application isn’t always safe.

Scammers previously took advantage of a bug on WhatsApp that allowed them to send a gif to other people and access their information.

Even though this bug is patched, it’s important to be aware of it.

There’s no guarantee that a similar bug won’t come around in the future.

To avoid getting hacked through this method, be mindful of when you open your gallery on WhatsApp.

Why Would Someone Hack Your WhatsApp?

There are plenty of reasons scammers hack WhatsApp. However, these reasons apply to any messenger app you use.

WhatsApp is generally safe, but situations happen that make it unsafe.

  • Romance scams
  • Phishing scams
  • E-mail access
  • Phone number access
  • Bank account access

All these reasons are why someone would want to hack your WhatsApp account.

Whenever your personal information is attached to a website, people will want access to it.

Always be cautious about anything you click on when using the Internet.

Don’t open any messages or media files from people you don’t trust. Be mindful of suspicious WhatsApp activity.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember that scams can happen on any platform, and any of your accounts can be compromised.

You need to be careful whenever you use any messenger application.

Never click suspicious links or open media files from people you don’t know.

It would be best to contact the person sending you the link on a different platform to ensure it’s legit.

If you suspect that your WhatsApp account is hacked, you need to contact WhatsApp support and report the incident.

Their team may be able to recover your account from hackers, but there’s no guarantee.

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