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Can An Amazon Glow Connect To Another Amazon Glow?

Last Updated Aug 3, 2022
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Long distances can make bonding with children difficult. Grandparents living on the other side of the state or even parents on the other side of the country want to have meaningful interactions. Amazon Glow hopes to provide meaningful interactions by connecting people with a video-calling interactive entertainment system, but can the Amazon Glow connect to another?

The Amazon Glow can only connect to the Amazon Glow app on your mobile device. The Glow app allows the loved one to connect and interact and join with the child using the activities and games on the Amazon Glow. You cannot connect two Amazon Glows.

The Amazon Glow gives kids access to a large 19” inch touchscreen projected onto the tabletop in front of the Amazon Glow onto a projection mat included with the device. An 8” inch HD touchscreen allows the family member to join in the fun through an interactive call through the Amazon Glow app.

Can Amazon Glow Connect to Another Amazon Glow?

Initially, the hefty price tag might seem steep. Still, when you take into account that the Amazon Glow is essentially a dual touchscreen computer, one 19” inch and one 8” inch, that allows the child to access thousands of games, books, activities, and interactive entertainment that can all be joined by a family member from a remote location, it is well worth the price.

The Amazon Glow cannot connect to another Amazon Glow. The child using the Amazon Glow can only interact with a remote family member using the Amazon Glow App, and their parents have approved that with the Amazon Glow’s parental controls.

The ability to control what your child sees is paramount with the parental controls available on the Amazon Glow. You control who can connect to the Amazon Glow and contact your child. Privacy is a big factor as well. The Amazon Glow is designed with mechanical privacy shutters to close off the microphones and cameras on the device.

Features of the Amazon Glow

The Amazon Glow has many amazing features that allow remote family members to interact with kids in meaningful ways. You can do puzzles, solve tangrams together, watch videos, draw each other, and much more. Here are a few of the things possible:

  • Tangram Bits
  • Amazon Kids+
  • Scanning Real World Toys into the Digital World
  • Board games, puzzles, and more

Tangram Bits

Tangram Bits is a puzzle program on the Amazon Glow that allows the kid side to use physical shapes to solve tangram shape puzzles, while the remote family member uses digital shapes on the Amazon Glow app side to help solve the puzzle. Together the child and the remote family member solve the puzzle.

Amazon Kids+

You also get a free year subscription to Amazon Kids+ with Amazon Glow. The Amazon Kids+ subscription is required to continue using the games and activities on Amazon Glow. The Amazon Kids+ subscription is $4.99 a month and will auto-renew after the free year included with your Amazon Glow purchase expires.

Scanning Real World Toys into the Digital World

Using the Amazon Glow’s projector camera, the child can scan real-world toys into their Amazon Glow and use them in art activities or maybe even turn them into a puzzle to solve with their remote family member.

Board Games, Puzzles, and More

Though the Amazon Glow is aimed toward children, which is obvious from the required Amazon Kids+ subscription, Adults can also have fun with it. There are board games such as Chess and Checkers included. If you wanted to play chess remotely while video chatting and $299.99 didn’t seem like a bad price, this might not be a bad choice.

The focus is more on children, though. It is aimed at kid activities and games more than anything adult oriented. The aim is to connect children with remote family members, after all.

Operating System and Mobile Device Compatibility

The Amazon Glow requires that the remote family member be able to download the Amazon Glow app. The Amazon Glow will not work with phones running older iOS, Android, or Fire tablet operating systems. Certain brands and models of phones are also not compatible with Amazon Glow.

Mobile Operating System Version Compatibility

The remote family member will need to be able to update their phone to the following mobile operating systems or higher:

As long as your mobile device meets the above operating system requirements and isn’t one of the models listed below, you should be able to use the Amazon Glow and the Amazon Glow app. 

These Mobile Devices are Not Compatible

The following mobile devices will not work with the Amazon Glow or the Amazon Glow app.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Google Pixel 2XL
  • Apple Air 2
  • Apple Mini 4
  • Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus


The Amazon Glow is a unique interactive entertainment system for children and adults to connect and play games over any distance. The children and the remote adults can play games and interact on the 19” inch projection touchscreen while video chatting on the 8” inch HD touchscreen.

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