Can Amazon Halo Band Get Wet? (Is It Waterproof?)

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The Amazon Halo Band is a health and fitness band akin to the Fitbit. It can track your SpO2 levels, has a sleep tracker, has automatic working tracking, and has quick charging that can bring the battery from a dead 0% to a fully charged 100% in just under 90 minutes. All at the price of $99.99. It makes the Halo Band a great entry into the fitness band arena.

The Amazon Halo Band is swim-proof and water resistant up to 50 meters or 5 atmospheres. This means that the Amazon Halo Band is just fine for trips to the beach or a few laps in a swimming pool, but you may want to leave it at home if you are diving deep sea. 

Amazon Halo Band is pretty par for the course with this level of water resistance. Fifty meters or 5 atmospheres is a typical range for water resistance for health and fitness bands. You don’t want to be running in the rain or sweating heavily only to find out that a light downpour or your overzealous workout has caused your fitness tracker to stop working.

Can the Amazon Halo Band Get Wet?

The Amazon Halo Band is swim-proof. This means you are fine bringing into the pool for your daily laps or to the beach with you for a day of fun in the sun and running through the waves. However, there are some caveats: the more you use any device with water resistance, the quicker water-resistant protection degrades with heavy use.

You can get the Amazon Halo Band wet up to 50 meters or 5 atmospheres. Still, Amazon warns you should avoid high-velocity water, a sauna, diving in the ocean, or sub-shallow depths as these activities could cause the water resistance to fail.

It’s also true that eventually, the water resistance will wear out over time as a result of normal wear and tear on the device. No device can be perfect forever, at least not in a fitness band’s $99.99 price range. The more use you get out of the water resistance over time, it will eventually degrade and not work as well.

What if My Amazon Halo Band Gets Wet?

Although the device is swim-proof and water resistant up to 50 meters, it is important to dry it off as soon as possible with a soft towel once you are out of the wet environment. 

It is also important to ensure your Halo Band is 100% dry before you try and charge it. Any stray water droplet can cause serious damage to your Halo Band.

Some things that could happen are problems connecting the Amazon Halo Band and it not syncing.

Drying your Amazon Halo Band

It is important to use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth (a microfiber cloth works well) to dry your Amazon Halo Band once you are out of the wet environment. Drying your Halo Band will ensure that the seals that protect your Halo Band will last longer and limit the wear and tear associated with daily use. 

It is also important to be thorough in your cleaning because if you missed a droplet and you go to charge your Amazon Halo Band, you might be in for some problems. Do not attempt to dry your device with a hair dryer, microwave, or any external heating device.

Charging Your Amazon Halo Band After Getting It Wet

It is important that once you get your swim-proof and water-resistant Amazon Halo Band wet that you dry it off as thoroughly and completely as possible. 

If you decide to charge your device while water or moisture is still present, you could cause a short circuit. This would likely permanently damage your Amazon Halo Band with no way to repair it.

It is also important to note that while the Amazon Halo Band is swim-proof and water-resistant up to 50 meters, the charging cable and charging clip are not. 

The clip can easily be damaged by coming into contact with water. Ensure the clip and Amazon Halo are completely dry (including drying sweat) before attempting to charge them.

Avoid Submerging Your Amazon Halo Band in Other Liquids

It is also important to note that your Amazon Halo Band is only swim-proof and water-resistant up to 50 meters in water. You should not submerge your Amazon Halo Band into any other type of liquid and expect it to still work. 

Other liquids and substances can include but are not limited to:

  • Oil
  • Lotion
  • Beverages (Soda, Wine, etc.)
  • Any kind of food

It is also important to avoid extremely humid environments like a sauna. This will also overwhelm the water resistance or cause it to fail.


The Amazon Halo Band is swim-proof and water resistant up to 50 meters or 5 atmospheres. You shouldn’t take it diving in humid environments like a sauna or around high-velocity water. If you follow these instructions and dry it off each time it gets wet, it will keep track of your health for years to come.

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