Can Alexa Turn On the Shower?

Shower head spraying waterShower head spraying water

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Amazon’s Alexa could add to a nice intrigue to our everyday morning routine. Showers are able to get a digital upgrade and Amazon’s Alexa could be able to help you with that.

Can Alexa turn on the shower? Yes. Certain digital shower brands have decided to include Alexa voice control capabilities. This allows you to control your shower wherever your Alexa’s is stationed at.

Our showers help us start the day and now you can have another piece of technology connect to it to create a seamless experience. It is worth knowing how Amazon’s Alexa can help you with your shower routine.

How Does Alexa Turn On the Shower?

If Alexa has access to your shower depends entirely upon which brand and model of digital showers you have. Here a few brands and their digital shower models that have input Alexa voice controls into their systems:

Moen TS3302TB Smart Shower 2-Outlet Digital Shower Controller

There needs to be a reminder put in place that the digital shower industry is still relatively new, but it is making gains to include more popular pieces of equipment to bring it up to speed.

Alexa Shower Commands

Digital showers are useful because they can be preprogrammed with a number of different showering setups. You are able to set a certain temperature for a specific setup and not the other. You can set your “morning shower” to a 15-minute time limit. The list goes on and Alexa will understand which setup you need when you tell it.

Now that Amazon’s Alexa can be used for your shower, there are some commands that you can use to control your shower.

  • “Alexa, turn the shower to 95 degrees”.
  • “Alexa, tell Moen to start my post-workout cooldown”.
  • “Alexa, stop the shower.”

When you have asked Alexa to turn on your shower to a certain temperature, the shower will start and reach the temperature you have chosen. If you still have not stepped inside to start showering, Alexa will pause the shower and you can turn it back on at the right temperature setting.

However, even if you can use Alexa for your shower, is Alexa capable of being near it and getting wet?

Is Amazon Alexa Water-Resistant?

So far none of the devices that house Alexa are waterproof or water-resistant at this time. Although, this should not stop you from placing an Echo Dot or Echo Smart Speaker in your bathroom.

Amazon’s Echo devices can still hear you over the shower if you call on Alexa for anything. They are also convenient enough to have in there for other tasks.

For bathroom purposes your Alexa can help with:

  • Ordering more soap or toilet tissue when you are running low.
  • Telling your shower to stop running to save on water.
  • Playing music or the news whenever you need an update on something.
  • Writing down a reminder if you have an idea in the shower.
  • Setting a timer or asking for the time, so that you do not have to get sidetracked when you are getting ready.

So, where should you put your Echo in the bathroom so that it does not get water on it? Find a space in your bathroom, somewhere that has an outlet nearby and away from sinks.

You may also want to avoid the toilet area as water can come up and destroy your Echo and leave bacteria on it.

Plug the Echo in the space you may want to mount it in and then raise it to where the Echo would actually sit. Doing this first will test out the cord length to see if there is not too much give or strain in the tension of the cord. Next, use a mount with either sticky tape or nails to keep the mount in place.

If your bathroom has enough space for a vanity or anywhere else that has a shelving space where no water is capable of getting to it, that may also be a good spot for it.

Alexa Compatible Smart Plugs

Echo Dots in your bathroom also work well with the Smart Plugs. These plugs allow you to hook up whatever you need to them and then you can ask Alexa to turn it on for you. You can now say, “Alexa, turn on my curling iron.”

You can set up your smart plug by following these instructions:

  1. In the User Manual, there is a QR code that you need to scan to be able to sign up with a Smart Life account.
  2. After you have created an account, tap the + button and then tap Electrical Outlet.
  3. Plugin your smart plug and the screen will ask for you to confirm the indicator is rapidly blinking and then you will have to enter your home’s Wi-Fi Password.
  4. Next, you must open up Alexa App and search for the skill, Smart Life and then tap on it to Enable it.
  5. You will then have to sign in to your Smart Life account again, but it is through the Alexa App.
  6. Finally, tap Done and then Discover Devices if you have more than one plugin it may take longer.
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