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Can Alexa Control My Wyze Vacuum?

Last Updated Dec 17, 2021
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Alexa is Amazon’s top-selling virtual assistant. Alexa is now part of many households and can be linked with various devices to create smart homes. The Wyze robot vacuum includes LIDAR technology, also known as laser scanning. This affordable cleaning solution has accurate room mapping, but can it be linked to Alexa to become even more convenient?

As of 2021, Alexa control over the Wyze vacuum has not yet been made fully available to the public. This feature has just come out of beta testing at Wyze, and the firmware that includes it is currently being steadily rolled out. The beta testing has shed light on what can be expected from this connection.

If you have an Alexa device and a Wyze vacuum, read on to find out what you could expect to see from this upcoming partnership.

Can Alexa Control My Wyze Vacuum?

Alexa is a personal assistant created by Amazon that is usually available through the Echo Dot speaker. With Alexa, you can have easy hands-free access to many of your devices. This will enhance the practicality of your smart home. The Wyze vacuum can autonomously map rooms, making it a great cleaning implement that doesn’t require much user input.

While Alexa has been integrated with several other Wyze devices, full control over the vacuum has not been made available to everyone. The vacuum requires firmware 1.6.173 or above to include Alexa functionality, which is not available across the board. The Alexa app will also need to be updated to version 2.5.

After spending the summer of 2021 in closed beta testing, the full arrival of this collaboration is near, but most Alexa and Wyze vacuum owners will have to wait a little longer to have access to it. In October, the progress of the 1.6.173 Wyze vacuum firmware was paused due to some system issues. This has delayed the overall roll-out of the service.

What Can Alexa Do With the Wyze Vacuum Now?

Those who already have access to the firmware that allows Alexa to link with the Wyze vacuum have been experiencing some of the functionality, though more is yet to come. Here’s what Alexa can do with the Wyze vacuum at the moment for those with the latest firmware:

  • It can access the Wyze vacuum when told to interact with its device name, but in some cases, it can even recognize it as simply ‘vacuum.’
  • It can turn on the Wyze vacuum when commanded to do so. This will send the vacuum on its regular cleaning routine, like it does when you turn it on and set it on its way.
  • It can command the Wyze vacuum to turn off, at which point it will return to its charging dock.

When you have upgraded to the necessary versions, you should tell Alexa to sync your devices. If the Wyze vacuum appears under the new devices tab, you will be able to use it. You will notice that it can be used through Alexa like the Wyze light switches, if you are familiar with how they are operated.

What Could Alexa Do With the Wyze Vacuum?

Based on reports from the closed beta testing, the Wyze vacuum may soon have even more Alexa integration. Apart from starting and stopping the vacuum, here are some more options you may be able to use with Alexa in the future to control it:

  • Checking the status: By asking Alexa to check on what the Wyze vacuum is doing, your personal assistant may give you up-to-date information about whether it’s charging, idling, cleaning, or turned off.
  • Pausing: You may soon be able to ask Alexa to pause your Wyze vacuum during its cleaning process. You should also have access to tell it to continue.
  • Send it to charge: In the future, you should be able to tell Alexa to specifically command the robot to charge or recharge.

If you have more than one Wyze vacuum, you should make sure to name both of them. In this way, you will be able to control the device you need by telling Alexa to interact with that specific name.

How Does Alexa Work With Other Wyze Devices?

Alexa already has integration with several other types of Wyze devices. It can access Wyze cams to view their activity. All you’ll need is the camera names.

It can also interact with the Wyze Bulb by either turning it on or off, or decreasing and increasing its intensity.

Alexa has been integrated with the Wyze Lock, a practical partnership that allows you hands-free access to commands such as checking a lock’s status and locking or unlocking it even if you’re not in its proximity. Remember that if you want to use the unlock function through Alexa, you will have to enable it in the app.


For most of the public, the Alexa control over the Wyze vacuum has not been made available yet. It is being rolled out at regular intervals but has been suffering a delay since issues with the firmware in October. The technology is ready to be used imminently.

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