Lutron is a giant in the home lighting industry and, with its line of Caseta devices, Lutron remains successful for two reasons: they’ve set the standard for smart home lighting, and they’ve ensured that their products are highly compatible with smart home assistants. But does this mean you can control Lutron Caseta with Alexa?

Amazon Alexa can control Lutron Caseta; just integrate the Alexa and Lutron apps with the Lutron Caseta skill activated.

Alexa is a versatile digital voice assistant and—with the Lutron Caseta skill—is more than capable of creating an ease-of-use atmosphere with your smart lighting automation routines. It’s simple and intuitive. Read on to learn more about how to get Alexa and Lutron Caseta connected.  

How to Link Alexa with Lutron Caseta

Linking Amazon Alexa with Lutron Caseta will provide you with several great features:

  • Voice commands for lights, on/off, brilliance, color, or temperature
  • Alexa Routines
  • Control of scenes and devices through Alexa
  • Voice commands for window shades
  • Complete control of Lutron Caseta features and products through the Alexa app

To start, you’ll need to download both the Alexa and Lutron apps. Alexa is available for iOS and Android, and the Lutron app is also accessible on Android or iOS. Then:

  1. On your Alexa app, go to the Home screen and select More at the bottom, right-hand side of the page. This will bring up a list of menus from which you will select Skills.
  2. Now enter the search barand type in Lutron Caseta. When the skill pops up, choose it and then select Enable Skill.
  3. Now the Alexa app will ask you to link your Amazon account with your Lutron account. To do this, simply sign in to your Lutron account with your username/email and password.
  4. After signing in, your accounts will automatically link up, and you’ll be able to control Lutron Caseta through the Alexa app and voice command.

Adding Lutron Caseta in the Alexa App

Devices enabled during the Lutron Caseta installation process will automatically sync up with Alexa when you link your accounts. Occasionally, new devices linked to your Caseta network may not show up on Alexa.

Since Alexa control of Lutron Caseta is the goal, you may have to add new devices individually or some that Alexa may have missed when the accounts were linked.

To add a new Lutron Caseta device in the Alexa app:

  1. Go to the Home screen and tap Devices from the menu at the bottom.
  2. Select the + symbol from the top, followed by Add Device.
  3. Scroll through the long list until you reach the bottom, then select Other.
  4. Alexa will begin the Discovery process, locate your Lutron Caseta devices, and allow you to pair them before adding them to the list of Alexa-controlled devices.

(Source: Lutron)

Note: With an Echo device, you can also say “Alexa, discover my devices,” and Alexa will discover and add Lutron Caseta devices to the individual list.

You can select individual dimmers, switches, or shades to control via the Alexa app of voice command. You can also place your Caseta devices into groups for control over an entire area.

Controlling Lutron Caseta Scenes with Alexa

In the Lutron App, you can group shades, dimmers, switches, and more into Scenes. These are special settings fully customized to your specific desire. For example, you can create a scene where the shades draw closed, and the lights dim to 50%. You simply activate that scene with the Pico Remote or Lutron app when you’re ready.

Alexa can also control Lutron Caseta’s scenes. To get started:

  1. Once you’ve customized and named a scene in the Lutron app, open the Alexa app and follow the above instructions so that Alexa starts the Discovery process.
  2. Once the Lutron scene is highlighted, select it to add to Alexa’s retinue of voice and app commands. Now you can control your Lutron scenes through voice command with an Amazon Echo device, with Alexa activated on your phone, or by selecting the scene you want through the Alexa app.

Scenes are similar to Alexa groups; however, Scenes are more customizable. Also, if a group of devices that you set up as a Lutron Scene is different from the devices you set up as an Alexa group are different, you may run into problems. So be sure to set up your Amazon groups and Lutron scenes accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Bringing together Amazon Alexa and Lutron Caseta is a great way to enhance your smart home connectivity and convenience. Alexa Control of Lutron Caseta is seamless and rarely has any issues with compatibility—with aforementioned groups and scenes not matching being the exception rather than the rule.

You gain many new features and the ability to use voice commands to control your Lutron Caseta scenes without the need to hunt down the Pico Remote. Since the Pico is designed to be placed anywhere in the home, you can simply turn it into another dimmer control switch and let Alexa do the rest.