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Can Alexa Control 2 Nest Thermostats?

Last Updated Dec 3, 2021
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Merging the convenience of voice control from Alexa with the convenience of a Nest thermostat is fantastic. But just how powerful is your voice when paired with Alexa… can she control two Nest thermostats?

Alexa can control two Nest thermostats at once. This is possible because of Nest’s Smart Home Skill provided by Google. You can change your settings to further adapt to your needs via the Google Home or Nest app.

If you’re still struggling with figuring out how to connect your devices on your own, keep reading for an easy explanation and some tips.

Using Alexa to Control 2 Nests

The commands you can use for your Alexa to control your Nests are pretty simple. Ask her to change the temperature up or down, change modes, turning off, etc.

Try to remember that if you say, “Alexa change ___ thermostat…” you won’t get a response. When talking to Alexa, don’t say thermostat. Call your Nest by the location name you’ve set for it.

It’s important to note, Alexa can’t control your thermostats if they are in Eco Temperature mode, any Emergency modes, or if it’s off.

Special Circumstances

Alexa voice command controls will not be available if you don’t have an internet connection. However, Nest thermostats can be used manually without wifi by turning the knob to your desired temperature.

When wifi is unavailable, optimization and energy-saving modes may not be usable. You won’t be able to use your Nest app to virtually edit your customized settings. Any changes must be made in person.

Benefits of Multiple Nest Thermostats

Buying more than one thermostat may sound like a pain for your wallet. Luckily, using multiple Nest thermostats versus one traditional thermostat will change your home for the better!

Nest thermostats help you save energy. How do they do this, you may ask? When using multiple thermostats, you can customize your temperature preferences by zone.

If you get hot on the first floor of your home during summer nights, you can program your Nest to decrease the temperature around bedtime. Alternatively, let’s say you left for dinner and your dog is home alone for the evening. You forgot to change the temperature before leaving. You know he will be panting even in the basement where it’s cool.

Therefore, you can change your upstairs temperature to warmer than downstairs to accommodate.

In addition to customizable temperature zones, Nest utilizes Eco Temperature to help you save on your energy bills. Google recorded up to 12% savings on heating and 15% on cooling!

Eco Temperature is a function that holds the temperature at a set number for a set amount of time. Two modes are available for cooling or heating settings.

Why You Should Use Eco Temperature

Using Eco Temperature when no one is home is almost a no-brainer. When the house is empty, you can program your Nest to automatically switch into this mode.

An enormously useful thing about Nest is that they sense when the room is full or empty and adjust the temperature as needed. With Eco Temperature, you can lock in your desired temperature and save more. This setting can be used when you’re home as well: You can turn on Eco mode manually if desired.

Eco Temperature is disrupted if it interferes with your other previously set temperature settings. Regardless, it’s a useful tool for every homeowner!

Connecting Alexa to Your Nest Thermostat

After installing both thermostats, you need to log in to your Google Nest account. Once you’ve finished setting up your account, open the Alexa app to change your settings. There should be an option to activate the Google Nest Skill.

As soon as you’ve finished setting that up, ask Alexa to use its discover devices function. You can do this through the Alexa app, but also by using your voice. More specific information on this step can be found on Amazon’s website.

Your Google and Amazon accounts should be reconnected to one another before continuing for things to work correctly.

Unfortunately, the skill may not be usable in your area if you can’t find it in your Alexa app. Sadly you won’t be able to have snazzy voice capabilities like everyone else.

Nest Thermostat Limits

Nest has plenty of useful features, many of which allow easy accessibility for anyone in your family. Sending invites to your family members and whoever you want to have access to is easy. You can also have up to 20 thermostats in one home.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand how to use your multiple thermostats with Alexa to serve your needs and the benefits of connecting Alexa to your Nest. Your energy bill and the environment will thank you!

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