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Can a Westinghouse TV Be Used Outside?

Last Updated Apr 17, 2022

Whether you want to watch the big game, or enjoy the summer warmth, having your TV outside is one way to spice up your viewing experience. Besides, it is an interesting avenue for setting up a DIY mini-cinema and having your friends and family over. However, deciding if you can use your Westinghouse TV outside is pretty challenging.

Generally, TVs that can be used outdoors are labeled as such. However, you can use a Westinghouse TV outside because it uses LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.

So, whether you own a Westinghouse TV or are planning to buy one, this blog post will help you determine if the TV brand is an excellent outdoor fit. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Can a Westinghouse TV Be Used Outside?

Generally, sunrays interfere heavily with the picture display quality of most screens, causing light interference between both luminous surfaces. This is why we have TV sets that are specifically designed to be used outside.

Since the Westinghouse TV brand is equipped by its manufacturers with LCD (liquid crystal display) technology to block rather than emit light, your TV becomes adaptable to outdoor situations with excellent picture display quality, perfect to be used outside. 

What Makes Westinghouse a Good Outdoor TV

Now that you know that you can use a Westinghouse TV outside, you might be wondering what makes the TV brand suited for the outdoors. So, let’s consider what makes Westinghouse a good outdoor TV brand.

High Definition Picture Quality

You can use a Westinghouse TV outside only if the TV model possesses a high definition picture quality to avoid contrasting with the sunlight. Even though current models of Westinghouse TVs are equipped for outdoor use, it is relevant to know that previous models were more suited for indoor usage.

For instance, the heavy-duty Westinghouse TV models are better suited for outdoor use, like the 32 HD smart TV, Westinghouse 65 HDTV, the 24inch HDTV, etc.

Outdoor Protection

Besides picture and display quality, your Westinghouse TV possesses mounting accessories for the outdoors. The reason is that keeping your TV on a stand without firm mounting support could potentially expose your TV to damage due to toppling or accidental knocking over. 

External Soundbar

Outdoor televisions have to deal with sound interference and reduced sound quality. As a result, the external soundbar of your Westinghouse TV takes care of sound interference from the surrounding.

What Can Affect the Durability of My Westinghouse TV Outside?

It is pretty normal to care about the durability of your TV outdoors, whether or not you are certain about its condition. However, you cannot predict how long your Westinghouse TV will last outdoors. 

Essentially, most outdoor TVs experience a short circuit due to the effects of the environment. Examples of environmental factors that can affect the durability of your Westinghouse TV when outdoors include but are not limited to:

  • Rainfall
  • Environmental humidity
  • Exposure to direct sunlight 
  • Dust particles
  • Pollen

It is also essential to note that no matter the quality of your TV, there are chances that it will not last as long as it is supposed to when you use it outside. The life span of your Westinghouse TV significantly reduces the moment you begin to use it outside.

How to Make Your Westinghouse TV Last Longer Outside

While we mentioned Westinghouse TVs are more likely to last less time when put outside, there are some ways you can keep it good for longer. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Get an Expert to Wall-Mount the TV

Even though there are detailed mounting instructions in your Westinghouse owner’s manual, it is safer to call a tech expert when mounting outdoors. If someone who knows what they are doing mounts your TV, it is less likely to fall off of the mount or have the mount installed incorrectly.

Get a Weatherproof TV Case

Protection from the weather elements is critical for any outdoor TV. While your Westinghouse outdoor TV might be tough, it is not weather resistant. As a result, you should have a means of protecting your TV from the elements—a slight shade against the rain and sun. 

We highly recommend a waterproof TV case when you mount your TV outside.

Will My WiFi Reach My Westinghouse TV Outside?

Sometimes when we use our electronics outside, we might run into the problem of the WiFi not reaching the device and thus rendering it useless. When you put your TV outside, it will need WiFi connection for you to be able to stream and watch content. 

If your Westinghouse TV is showing it is not able to connect to your WiFi or the signal is too weak because of the distance between it and your router, we recommend purchasing a WiFi extender. This will extend the radius your WiFi reaches.

Final Thought

Most recent models of Westinghouse TVs can withstand outdoor usage. However, there is a lot you need to know about outdoor TVs and how to get the best from them. Therefore, it is always essential to get help from a tech specialist, especially when you mount your Westinghouse smart TV outside for the first time.

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