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Can A Toshiba TV Be Used Outside?

Last Updated Feb 19, 2022

Televisions can do a lot these days, and the technology used to produce these ultra-slim appliances that provide incredible picture quality are pretty impressive. However, there are still a few things they can’t do. Toshiba prides itself on offering top-quality televisions at an affordable price point, but you may be wondering, can a Toshiba TV be used outside? 

While Toshiba TVs can be used outside, there are a few factors to consider before just putting your TV outside. Your Toshiba TV needs to be protected from moisture, extreme heat, and cold not to break while being used outside, and no matter how well you try to protect it, it may still go wrong.

Before you place your Toshiba television outside, there is a lot you need to know about how to best safeguard the device from malfunctioning as the outside world can be pretty harsh on these TVs. In this article, we are going to learn the important dos and don’ts of using your Toshiba television outside, how to tell if your Toshiba isn’t doing too well outdoors, and even how to combat any problems you may encounter. 

Can a Toshiba TV Be Used Outside?

Here’s the thing, we really don’t recommend using a Toshiba TV outside because there is a high chance that it will overheat, be affected by moisture, or even the sun’s rays. 

You can use a Toshiba TV outside if you follow some ways to protect your television from these harmful elements; however, there is no absolute way to ensure it won’t be affected. These include using a cover and adequate insulation.

If you are adamant about using your Toshiba TV outside, we are going to go through the necessary steps you will need to take to protect it as best you can. 

Another thing to consider when installing your Toshiba TV outside is the WiFi strength. You might have to get a booster or use screen mirroring to be able to watch TV outside.

What Elements Could Ruin Your Toshiba TV

Now, we will discuss the three types of weather your Toshiba TV will certainly encounter if you do choose to use it outside:

  • Moisture
  • Heat
  • Cold

Being generally aware of these possible problems will not save your TV; you also need to know what you should do to defend your television so that weather does not leave you with a useless screen. 

How to Protect your Toshiba TV From Moisture

First and foremost, your television needs to be covered when it is outside. Rain, mist, dew, and any other kind of weather that creates moisture can ruin your television almost immediately. 

When you mount your Toshiba television, you must choose a place where it will be covered and protected from rain and snow. However, it is also important to invest in a cover that you can wrap around the television whenever you are not using it so no residual water can get on or inside the TV. 

As a general rule of thumb, if there is moisture in the air, you shouldn’t have your television cover off, which means you can’t be watching your TV. 

How to Protect Your Toshiba TV From Heat

Although you may have thought that water is the biggest threat to using your Toshiba TV outside, it is actually heat that is the silent killer. 

The catch twenty-two is that when you seal up your television in a cabinet or covering if the space does not have ample insulation, the temperature change from night to day can create condensation inside the television itself, causing major problems. 

Another problem that many users come up against is the fact that televisions really are only made to run successfully at room temperature. If you are enjoying a nice outside BBQ with the big game on and you see the temperature creeping up past what you usually set your living room thermostat to, your TV is likely beginning to overheat. 

In fact, an easy way to tell if your TV is too hot is if you are too! 

Some televisions do run successfully in warmer temperatures than others, so if you have not yet purchased the Toshiba TV you’re thinking of using outside, it would be beneficial to do a little research and find out which models will function best in the heat. 

How to Protect Your Toshiba TV From Cold

Even if you live in warmer climates, one cold night could do some serious damage to your Toshiba TV. Once again, while you may think that protecting your TV from moisture and cold is an easy fix with a cupboard or cover, don’t forget the real enemy: heat! 

Essentially, you want to keep your TV as close to room temperature as you can. The cold can affect the way the liquid crystals in your television screen function, leaving you with a patchy picture and lackluster resolution. 

Final Thoughts

The truth is, a Toshiba TV certainly can be used outside; however, it requires a lot of extra work and preparation than just plugging it into an outdoor outlet. 

We really recommend purchasing an outdoor TV instead of trying to move your indoor TV outside, unless, of course, you want to spend the time to make it the perfect little insulated home.