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Can A TCL TV Be Used Outside?

Last Updated Feb 16, 2022
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Digital TVs provide excellent entertainment value in the form of your favorite music, movies, and shows from tons of streaming services. However, most are not built for the outdoors. If you want to enjoy a bit of TV out on the porch, you’ll have to shell out for a new one. You hear that TCL makes good, affordable TVs. But does it offer TVs for use outdoors? If so, what kind of weather protection do they have?

TCL does not manufacture weather-proof TV devices. Users should not place a TCL TV outside, even under a shade. However, they can purchase third-party enclosure systems for TCL TVs to watch them outdoors.

Now, you won’t find a TCL outdoor TV, but other companies make full-fledged smart TVs with all kinds of weather protection. There are also workarounds to using your regular TV outside, so keep reading to find out more about how you can enjoy TV outdoors.

Can A Regular TV Be Used Outdoors?

It is not safe to use a regular indoor TV outside, even if one protects it from rain by placing it under a shade. Aside from the rain, changing temperatures, extreme temperatures, dust, and small insects can be problematic for a TV without a suitable enclosure or a weather-resistant rating.

You can use your standard TV outside by outfitting it with an enclosure such as this one from Amazon. Such casings last for at least a couple of years, and they will protect your TV from dust, rain, moisture, tampering, and even theft. 

Make sure to get a case compatible with your TV’s VESA mounts, and don’t worry about your TV’s size. Outdoor enclosures come in all types of sizes and for different types of TV panels.

Even though such a casing will protect your TV from it, you should still avoid watching it in direct sunlight because glare can affect your viewing experience. However, you can buy protective films for sunlight damage and anti-glare films for the enclosure screen.

Another thing to remember is that these cases, protective as they might be, are not designed to be submerged in water. You should, therefore, keep your TV and its enclosure far from open water at all times. It is also good to bring it inside when there is a storm or heavy rain to be on the safe side.

Can I Put A Regular TV On A Screened In Porch?

Generally, users can watch their regular TV on a screened-in porch, as long as there are proper mounting points and the TV’s panel is bright enough to be visible outdoors.

If you’ve got a screened porch at your home, or you don’t want to use an outdoor enclosure with your TV, this is a viable option for watching it outside of your home. Just make sure that your TV can output a high-contrast and high-brightness picture. Another good thing about a screened porch is that your TV will naturally be more secure against vandalism and theft.

If you would like to learn more about TCl, check out this article.

Do I Need A Special TV For Outdoors?

Although users may not need to buy specialized TVs for watching outdoors, they are still the best option to go for if the price is not an object. Regular TVs in screened porches or having protective enclosures are cost-effective solutions, but they require separate accessories or manual labor to work.

If you buy an outdoor TV, you’ll be paying a hefty amount of money, but you will never have to worry about issues with brightness or contrast. Outdoor TVs are generally built to deal with a bit of drizzle occasionally and are assembled so that bugs or other insects will not venture inside.

Still, it is best not to use your outdoor TV in direct sunlight because it may gradually reduce the product’s lifespan. Always keep it under a shaded area, and do not let the power cord or outlet touch open water. Make sure to take the TV inside if your town is about to experience extreme weather.

Which Type Of TV Can Be Used Outside?

In general, any type of TV with a weather-resistant rating is suitable for use outside. Most manufacturers make outdoor TVs in addition to regular ones. SunBriteTV is a company that primarily makes outdoor TVs. They offer TVs based on the type of outdoor lighting, in which users expect to watch them.


SunBriteTV offers three separate TV series for competitive prices: Veranda, Signature 2, and Pro 2. They are for use in full shade, partial sunlight, and full sunlight. All three series feature TVs with a significantly higher brightness than equivalent indoor TVs and weather-proof areas for cable management. 

However, the Veranda series does not have anti-glare screens. You can get your Veranda 2nd Gen 43-inch 4K UHD TV today from Amazon.

Samsung Terrace TV

If you want a high-performance outdoor TV, Samsung has an answer! The Terrace is a TV with a powerful LED panel to give you peak enjoyment outdoors. It has an IP-55 water-resistant rating, and the whole body is metal, which means you won’t be disappointed with build quality or reliability. 

Visit Amazon to buy The Terrace in your size of choice. This TV comes in both Full Sun and Partial Sun viewing types.

Samsung enthusiasts who want a more economical TV for outdoor use can buy the QN90A LED TV. Now, this is not an outdoor TV per se, but if you use it with a compatible outdoor enclosure, you’ll do just fine. It has a very bright, anti-glare panel with wide viewing angles. You can, of course, install this TV inside a screened porch for easier weather-proofing.


Having a TV to watch outdoors can enliven your entertainment routine. You can enjoy movies and TV shows with your family under a beautiful evening (or night) sky, or watch an exciting football match of your favorite team. No matter which type of outdoor TV set-up you go with, you are sure to have a delightful experience. Remember to come back here whenever you have questions. And, well, enjoy!

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