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Can a Sharp TV Be Used Outside?

Last Updated Feb 16, 2022
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You just arranged game day at your house, and you have the perfect spot to set up that new Sharp TV right outside for your guests. Then the questions come flooding in: can I use a Sharp TV outside? What would I need to set it up for outside use? How do I protect the lifespan of my Sharp TV for continual outside use? Is there a guide for these answers?

When you take the proper precautions, you can use your Sharp TV outside. However, there are a few things you want to take into consideration, such as: 

  • How the elements will affect your TV.
  • The proper tools to set up your TV outside. 
  • Make sure you have the best weatherproofing accessories that will help you to prolong the lifespan of your TV while outside. 

This article will walk you through some things you should be considering when making decisions about your outdoor TV. We’ll also discuss the various kinds of weatherproofing accessories you’ll want to have to step up your outdoor TV game. 

Can I Use My Sharp TV Outside?

You can use a regular TV outside but you need to make sure to take all the proper precautions to ensure it’s protected from the elements. You would need to use a number of weatherproofing materials and accessories

Also, there are TVs made specifically for outdoor use. You’ll have your peace of mind when it comes to the protection from the elements but with that, the prices do go up significantly. Either way you choose, we’ll walk you through some bonus items to add more protection to your outdoor TV. 

What Should I Take Into Consideration When Placing a TV Outside?

Once you decide on which TV to purchase, you’ll have to consider how to protect it from the elements. If you have a weatherproof TV, then you’re off to a good start. This article covers what you should consider from both standpoints. 

Let’s take a look at what to consider in regard to the elements and why you should give attention to this area:

  • Sun Damage– You’ll want to keep the TV out of direct sunlight so choose a location that has good shade to protect it. This will also help your viewing experience so you won’t be bothered by the intense glare coming off the screen.  
  • Water Damage- Humidity can also do a lot of damage aside from rain. If you don’t have a Sharp TV that’s built for the outdoors, we list several ways you can help protect it from this kind of damage later on. 
  • Wind Damage– Last thing you want is to have your new TV come crashing down after some heavy winds. Not only this, but it’s also entirely possible that a strong gust can blow an unexpected item at your TV and shatter the screen if it’s not protected.  
  • Dust– Ignore this one and it can cost you. Any element, including dust build up can cause a short circuit in your TV. People often forget that because your TV is outside, it will experience a more frequent buildup of dust. Make sure to clean your TV regularly so as to lessen the chances of this type of damage. 

Now that you know what to be aware of, you’re now ready to make some informed decisions when purchasing the equipment to set up your new TV. If you would like to learn more about Sharp TVs, check out this article.

Protecting the Lifespan of My Sharp TV While Outside

Making sure you have the proper weatherproofing accessories is very important if you want to prolong the use of your Sharp TV outdoors. Here’s a few things to take into consideration.

Weatherproofing Cables & Sockets

This is the first place you want to start. It is crucial to protect your TV’s power sources and connections. There are various weatherproofing panel boxes and ether cables you can get. Make sure to consult with a licensed electrician to ensure you have the proper amount of power set up to handle the TV and any additional plugins. 

It would be a nightmare if you got water in the outlets or you short circuit and fried the electrical AND the TV. That could be costly on several fronts. Hire a licensed electrician and invest in a good set of cables and sockets so you can enjoy your peace of mind. 

There’s even weatherproof Wi-Fi enclosures to make sure you don’t lose connection during the big day. 

The Right Mounts

You need a mount that can sufficiently support the weight of the TV. There are various wall and ceiling mounts on the market. Some swivel while others have a fixed position, you’ll need to consider 

Not only is getting the right mount important, but you also need one that’s weatherproof. You can have a good wall mount that can support the weight of the TV but if it’s not properly treated to endure the elements, rust can eventually set in and damage it’s integrity. Save yourself the headache and invest in a weatherproof mount.

Weatherproof Covers

It’s a practical idea to have a cover for your TV when it is not in use. It should be a priority to protect it from the elements every chance you get. Make sure it’s weatherproof as a necessary added layer of protection. 

Humidity can find its way into unexpected places the same way dust can. If you don’t plan to secure the TV away into another form of encasing, at minimum, you should have a weatherproof cover to protect your investment.

The same way most people obtain a covering to protect their phones, you’ll want to adopt a similar viewpoint with your TV. 

Weatherproof Secured Enclosure

If you’re thinking of adding another layer of defense, an enclosed glass casing may be a good idea. Some also have anti-glare features. 

There are several reasons why this type of enclosure is a good idea. A clear physical enclosure over your TV will give you the peace of mind that if a surprise afternoon shower comes your way, and you’re not home, at least it’s protected from the elements. Make sure you understand the difference between water resistant and waterproof on the labels. 

You can also get hooded enclosures that are meant for camping, tailgating parties or backyard bbqs. 

Also, it is possible for wildlife to wander onto your TV whether it be birds, squirrels, or other critters. You wouldn’t want to have your brand-new screen punctured by claws, become a nesting ground for birds, or a new home for critters to burrow into. 

These enclosures provide a measure of protection against these types of encounters as well as protection from accidents in general. 

Weatherproof Secured Cabinets

Another layer of protection some choose to pursue is having their TV locked away in an enclosed cabinet. For safety reasons, you might want to secure your TV away from neighborhood onlookers so as to avoid the possibility of theft. 

Some companies offer custom made cabinetry to fit your TV. This option allows you to hide a lot of the cords and other utility boxes.

Consider a weatherproof lock for additional peace of mind when you’re out of town and to keep bigger creatures away if you have the TV set up closer to the ground. Maybe you just don’t want your relatives touching the TV while you’re gone and that’s fine too. 


Now that you’ve learned whether or not you can use your Sharp TV outside, the precautions of using your television outdoors, and how to prolong the life of your outdoor TV, you can enjoy your outdoor activities with television entertainment!

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