Roombas have made quite a name for themselves since their initial debut in 2002 as the market’s leading self-cleaning robot vacuums. They produce a variety of models that will suit any size home or office, and while each option is essentially the same product, they offer a wide range of different services and upgrades. If you have already purchased the Roomba i7 or you are doing a little research before committing, you probably want to know: can the Roomba i7 clean multiple floors?

The Roomba i7 comes equipped with vSLAM navigation and Smart Mapping that can map out not just one, but up to 10 floors without getting stuck! In fact, the 10 floors do not even have to be in the same space, you can move your Roomba to another home or office and it will use the remaining mapping capabilities there. Roomba i7 Specs

If you have a large space that requires too much upkeep or if you’re simply looking for an easier, more efficient way to clean, Roomba just might be the perfect tool for you. But before you buy, there are a few more things you may want to know. Is the i7 the best model for you? What else can it do? Can you upgrade it to the i7+? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research so all the answers to your questions are right here! 

What Can the i7 Roomba Do?

There is a pretty long list of features that the i7 Roomba robot claims to offer, and from what we’ve read in the reviews, most of them work! 

  • Smart Mapping. As we mentioned, the i7 can map 10 floors and internalize the entire floorplan of your space including rugs, furniture, and even sensitive areas like pet feeding stations. 
  • Scheduling. Your Roomba i7 will learn your schedule so it doesn’t come into your bedroom when you’re napping, or into your kitchen when you’re trying to prepare breakfast. It also remembers when your home needs to be cleaned, and even recommends extra cleaning depending on the season. For example, when there’s extra pollen and shedding from your pets in the Spring, your Roomba i7 will be ready!
  • Hands Free Control. You can easily communicate with your Roomba i7 with the iRobot Home App, your Alexa, or Google Home. So whether you have a spill and need quick assistance, or you are away from home and want to get your Roomba working for your in-laws’ arrival later tonight, it’s as simple as can be!

Roomba has done the work to provide not only an excessively efficient cleaning machine but a smart one too. So, of course, the i7 Roomba robot  hosts a  “premium 3-stage system and 10X the power-lifting suction.”

How Does the Roomba i7 Compare to Other Roomba Robots?

After reading what a Roomba i7 can do, it sounds pretty great, but they have several other models available. The i7, j7, i7+, and s9+ are arguably the best possible options, and it’s important to know how the i7 compares.

Suction Power10x10x10x40x
Imprint Smart MappingYesYesYesYes
Recharge and ResumeYesYesYesYes
10 Floor Mapping YesYesYesYes

While it may seem like the four models are extremely similar, there are a few factors that may affect your choice.

The i7 and i7+ are essentially the exact same machine, however, the i7+ comes equipped with a self-emptying dust bin. But luckily, if you already own the i7, you can purchase the attachment that “upgrades” your Roomba robot to an i7+.

Each of these models offers the ability to create “Keep Out Zones” within their internalized maps through your iRobot Home app and can be connected to your various smart devices such as Alexa or Google Home

Essentially, the s9+ costs quite a bit more because of its corner-cleaning abilities, ultra-high suction power, and if aesthetics are important to you, it’s a little better looking. However, each of the other models compared here will absolutely do the trick if you’re not into spending over a thousand dollars on a vacuum. 


If you want your Roomba vacuum to clean several floors in your house, you can purchase almost any of the newer models on the market. However, the i7 will map and efficiently clean 10 floors in your home or workspace, and at a much more affordable price.