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Best Wyze Camera for Pets (Plus Alternatives)

Last Updated Mar 23, 2022
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Baby monitors have given parents the peace of mind of checking on their babies while they step away for a bit, but what about our pets? Coming home to chewed up furniture and accidents on the floor can have any pet parent wondering what happens when they leave the house. Owning a pet cam is a great way to monitor your pet and make tending to your responsibilities easier.

Here we will go over a couple different options for pet monitoring cameras; Wyze cameras being our number-one recommended option. Choosing the right one for you may be easier than you think. Keep reading to see how some cameras could be for you and your household.

Best Wyze Cameras for Monitoring Pets

Now, where do you start with getting a pet cam? Right now, some of the best cameras for

pets actually aren’t branded towards pets. Wyze cameras are branded as security cameras, but have been found by pet owners everywhere as highly effective pet monitoring cameras that come at a great price.

Wyze cameras offer free cloud storage and a sharper video quality, including a sharing device so friends can help you keep an eye on your pet when you’re out of town.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Wyze cameras for monitoring pets below.

Wyze Cam V2

The Wyze Cam V2 is inexpensive to purchase. It has 1080p video for viewing. It’s motion and sound-triggered as well. With this camera, you also have free Cloud storage and local storage.

The downside is that it doesn’t interact with smart home devices or support IFTTT.

Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam V3 is also very inexpensive. It works both indoors and outside. Motion, sound, and person detection is a very nice feature of this cam. It also has a built-in siren! Free Cloud storage and local storage also comes in this package. The cons of this cam are that it does not support HomeKit and some features require a paid subscription.

Alternative Cameras for Monitoring Your Pets

As pet owners, we should be training our pets to understand object permanence and that, despite us not being at home with them, we are still there. Keeping an eye on a mischievous pet allows you to intervene only when needed, just enough to where the pet knows that they shouldn’t be chewing up the pillows on the couch.

Besides Wyze cameras, there are cameras that are marketed towards monitoring pets. Let’s look at these alternatives below.

Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites is an interactive camera that dispenses treats to your pet. This camera has night vision, two-way audio, and is also wall mountable.You can also connect to Alexa. The cons are it tips over easily when on a table, delays connecting to the app, and smart alert features require a paid subscription. 

Pawbo Life

Pawbo Life lets you dispense treats, and even play laser tag with your dog. It has 720p HD live video, built-in mic, and works with social media.Another pro is that up to 8 people can watch. The downside is it has poor video quality, the dispenser gets stuck, it’s hard to get a good camera angle, and is not compatible with Alexa.

One of our solid contenders is the Amazon Blink Mini, which is a smaller camera that offers a wide variety of features and comes at a great price.

Some features of the Amazon Blink Mini are included below:

  • Free cloud storage
  • Video quality needed for you to keep an eye on your pet
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Two-way audio
  • Works with Alexa

The most helpful feature for pet owners with the Blink Mini is that it allows you to get alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected, including customizable options with detection zones so you can see what matters most. You’re able to see, hear and speak to pets in your home, making it a great pet monitor.

It can be important to invest into a camera that is going to properly keep an eye on your pet, and Amazon’s Blink Mini is a great contender that not only is affordable, but also gives you the peace of mind in giving proper security to monitor your pet.

Benefits of Owning A Pet Monitoring Camera

The benefits of owning a pet camera should be more than keeping your dog occupied. 

It’s important to be able to keep an eye on your pet for these reasons:

  • Break ins
  • Suddenly seeing smoke in the house
  • General monitoring of your pet’s health 
  • Gain a better understanding of their behavior and underlying issues

At the end of the day, our pets are our responsibility and they are just as important as the ones we have outside of them. We are their world, and we should provide them the comfort and confidence they need to have a peace of mind – as well as giving you one too.

Cons of Owning a Pet Monitoring Camera

While cheaper alternative pet monitoring cameras may be better suited for the budget you’re working with, they tend to lack a poor quality video, can over dispense treats to your pet, and can lack durability over time. Paying for the extra attachments and interactiveness with your pet comes at a price.


Just remember as pet owners that a pet camera is not a pet sitter. It is still important to give the physical contact and connection your pet needs. 

However, for the majority of pet owners who have a mischievous pet, or have a demanding job and other responsibilities to tend to outside our fur babies, owning a pet camera is a great way to be a responsible pet owner in ensuring that your pet is safe – and to figure out why there’s a stain on the carpet.

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