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Best Smart Power Strips for Alexa

Last Updated Dec 8, 2021
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Alexa has become the standard for controlling your home in so many ways. Smart devices that respond to voice commands and other devices connect us to our routines at home with convenience. Using this innovative technology in smart power strips, controlling your home is easier and more convenient than ever.

Searching for the best smart power strip for your Alexa devices will reveal a list of available choices. This article narrows the options to the best-performing power strips for your connection needs and budgets. Keep reading to find out which power strip works best for you!

Top 4 Smart Power Strips for Alexa

Depending on how many smart devices you are looking to connect and other features you are searching for, there are some excellent choices out there. So naturally, your Alexa will benefit from being connected to one of these power strips. Whether you are looking for a smart power strip that gives you coverage for just a few smart devices, or one that can manage a larger group, there is a good variety of options. Let’s look at the top picks:

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip can house six smart devices. With three USB ports, device control through the app, no hub required, and surge protection built-in, this is a good choice. The app also features energy monitoring as well, keeping track of how much energy is being expended over time and allowing you to adjust your usage, saving you money.

LINGANZH’s Smart Power Strip

LINGANZH’s Smart Power Strip will house four smart devices. In addition to no hub being required, surge protection and scheduling included, there is a Wi-Fi extension socket as well. Share your power strip access with device sharing, allowing everyone in your household access for managing the smart devices connected.

APC Smart Plug Power Strip

The APC Smart Plug Power Strip comes with some additional features not found in the other choices here. In addition to six slots for your devices, there are four USB ports (with two being Smart USB, significantly increasing your device control abilities). Three slots are Wi-Fi smart plugs, while three are standard surge protection outlets. You can control your devices, utilize a timer and set up schedules on the app.

Features for Smart Power Strips that Work with Alexa

Today’s smart home is a modern, convenient way to control the devices that help you live your life the way you choose. From waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee to turning on the lights to enhance your property’s security, there are many popular features that smart power strips can have, working with your Alexa device.

  • Setting up schedules to turn on your devices is convenient Alexa. Once you have completed creating the plan, you will not have to worry about the timing of these devices. For example, lights turn on at the same time every day, removing one more item from your to-do list.
  • With most smart power strips that work with Alexa, setup is fast, and you will have your connection completed in no time. Watch this video for an example of how to make the connection.
  • Today’s smart appliances are all about convenience, schedules, and timing. With just the sound of your voice, you can complete tasks such as turning on a humidifier in your office or turning on the lights before heading down the stairs.
  • With most top options not requiring a hub, you can connect the smart power strip directly to your home Wi-Fi for an easy, direct connection.

Connecting Multiple Smart Power Strips for Alexa

One of the benefits of utilizing these smart power strips is that there is no limit to the number of devices that you connect and control while using Alexa. Once you find the smart power strip that fits your needs, you can benefit from using more than one throughout your home for a total connected home experience.

Additionally, with the emergence of new smart appliances in every category, scheduling, controlling, and utilizing all your home devices is just a tap or voice command away.


Once you have your smart power strip connected to your home Wi-Fi and Alexa, these top picks will allow you total control over all your smart devices in your home. Enjoy the convenience of power surge protection, added energy conservation, as well as USB connectivity on many of the available smart power strips available today.

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